Digital Marketing Video Topics For 2016

One of the more successful things I've done as a blogger is the listing of questions for popular jobs. This drove over 100,00 page views for Java Swing back in the day, and I'll be replicating this in 2016, focused on digital and social marketing. 

So - obviously, watch this blog. 

But I'm also going to be doing video descriptions of how to hire - in the hopes that if people see how I work, they'll be more likely to hire me as a headhunter. 

So in that vein, here are the topics I have the expertise to cover. 

Digital Topics/Interviews

  • Hiring a social media content writer
  • Hiring a social media specialist/manager (customer service)
  • Hiring a social media specialist (product)
  • Hiring a social media specialist (B2B)
  • Hiring a social media strategist  (B2B and B2C)
  • Hiring a Manager of social media
  • Hiring a director of social media
  • Hiring a web designer
  • Hiring a social designer
  • Hiring a creative director
  • Hiring a director of digital marketing 
  • Hiring a director of content marketing

Keep an eye out. This blog will be filled with a lot of content that you'll need in 2016 to hire. And if you already know you need help hiring in the digital/social realm - now you know a guy.

Digital Marketing Manager - National Spirits Brand, Parsippany, NJ

The Digital Manager manages the online presence of all Bellion properties, collaborating with employees, agencies, and consultants to integrate all relevant media and channels into the right platforms. It’s a pivotal role as it serves as the foot-on-the-gas role for project completion 

Regular Duties:

Develops media strategies and campaigns across all digital mediums including:

  • Prioritize and execute the setup of multiple campaigns across numerous networks
  • Actively manage and scale multi-channel campaigns on a daily basis
  • Optimize channel investments based on proven performance through bidding to reach desired KPIs
  • Provide creative direction for banners, text ads, images and landing pages
  • Build and maintain working relationships with creative, design, and development partners
  • Analyze data against the defined campaign success metrics
  • Knows and stays up-to-date on all relevant market and consumer information necessary for the preparation of the most effective and efficient media planning
  • Determines best use of multi-channel media mix including traditional, digital, and social media outlets to best meet clients goals and objectives – using constant optimization practices
  • Gathers, analyzes and reports on metrics on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis
  • Leads the creative team in strategizing sessions
  • Manages vendor budgets and resolves invoicing discrepancies as needed
  • Negotiates best rates, CPM’s, CPP’s, special time parameters, value-added sponsorships and promotions, bonus impressions, e-newsletters
  • Understands rating estimates as well as digital performance metrics such as CTR and conversion rates
  • Works closely with all assigned media personnel in the group with evaluation of media information necessary to the preparation of the media plan that best implements the media objectives and strategies

Desired Skills and Experience 

  • 4-10 years of marketing communications experience related to branding and product sales: designing, implementing, measuring and improving integrated marketing campaigns that leverage marketing technology, content, and measurement
  • Proven experience creating ROI-driven marketing program strategies/plans
  • Demonstrated proficiency with multiple channels and tactics used in demand generation, including, but not limited to email, website, paid search, organic search, content marketing, social media, traditional advertising, and PR
  • Demonstrated understanding and experience in modern marketing fundamentals

The video announcing the product launch. They're live in one state, have license for 10 more, and will be national this spring. 


Dallas Job Post: B2B Content Marketing Manager

A client of mine needs a tactical lead in B2B content to manage content producers here in Dallas.

Backed by a seasoned management team in the dental industry, my client needs someone who understands what motivate medical professionals, with experience in the dental mindset a huge plus. The company fields a great product and their sales and marketing strategy is set.

They need someone to execute and drive the content for webinars, lead generation, and conversion. Primary needs are digital marketing savvy, experience with email and webinars, and the ability to manage remote teams. Our customers are dental practice owners, and we need to determine how to get them to sell our product within their practice.

Job Description:

There is a “company” description that’s not half bad, but to help filter out specifically what we’re looking for, we’ve condensed it to these primary “Day in the Life” examples.

-Manage a team of four that includes content, design, video, and SEO

-Collaborate with a sales VP on how social/digital can integrate with Direct Mail, Email, Radio, Events, and Sales

-Test and perfect B2B digital messaging

-Integrate Social Media with Mail Chimp to improve opens, address collection, and tracking

-Lead the long-term technology project to create appointment setting software to deliver to retail clients

-Identify areas where social/digital can be used to improve customer acquisition cost both for the manufacturer and for the retail seller

-Serve as a digital/social consultant and champion to the CEO and the investor board

-Work with the external marketing agency, guiding and approving content and digital properties.

That inbound marketing piece is going to be a big part of the eventual job, but the first step is understanding the market and getting more dentists to sign up. We don’t have a sales force, but we do have a 12% response rate, and the company is not a start-up. We do expect rapid growth out of the 8 figure range into the 9 figure range in just a few years. The key is first expanding the retail base, while planning on how to use a larger marketing budget in the future to demand generation.

Key Needs:

Messaging Ability: Finding leads is not the problem, especially for licensed practitioners. It’s getting return calls and emails. You’ll need to have that creative spark on how to pitch a small business owner.

Digital Experience: You have to have led a technology project for inbound marketing. We’ll want an example.

Social Experience: I’m not looking for Facebook posting. I’m more interested in social media for analysis and general branding.

PPC Experience: You need to be able to manage this - not on the minute level, but if you had to hire someone, could you do it?Can you ask the right questions?

Marketing Experience: I need someone with end-to-end marketing experience. This is still a small business, and if you can’t understand and empathize with the retail seller, your digital expertise won’t accomplish its goals. This could fall under the more generic, business experience, but we’re looking for someone who has done more than work in an agency or as a brand manager.

Final Thoughts:

Ultimately, we need someone who likes taking product to market, not someone who wants to be a senior manager at a large firm. It’s a different mindset. We need the more than mom and pop experience, because it’s a national product, not a micro-business. But it’s not a corporate job needing a corporate experience - yet.

So to apply - just send me an email and title it B2B Content Manager - Dallas. Write a very short description of a project that shows you can handle inbound, and send me a way to call you.

Launching Digital Marketing Headhunter

I finally took the plunge - and turned the url Digital Marketing Headhunter into its own blog, replacing an old blog that had amazing SEO. 

Digital Marketing Headhunter is a sister site to Social Media Headhunter. With the convergence of digital and social, most of my searches these days are actually a mix of the two - so I wanted to get out in front of the curve. 

The branding will be the same, and I'll clean up the content - but if you're a blog friend and want to help - linking to page would be fantastic, either in a post or in a blogroll. 

I know, I know - that's so 2003. Still, it can matter.


April 20th Mammoth Training Session In St Louis

MKSSA is having me back this year to train recruiters in three massive LinkedIn And Facebook Training sessions on Monday, April 20th at City Place One. 

Information is here at the MKSSA site, (the date is Monday, not Tuesday, and they'll be fixing it). The Kansas City session will be April 22nd. 

Here is the session description, which includes new information from my recent presenations at Talent Net Live and Sourcecon. 

Session #1:  8:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. - 

LinkedIn Basics - 
LinkedIn's changes in the last year include limited number of searches, search algorithm changes, and a huge influx of salespeople and spammers touching the same candidates you're trying to recruit. 

Using a new community based search pattern, Jim Durbin shows how to find, attract, and message candidates on LinkedIn.  This course is a useful primer for those who regularly use LinkedIn to hire, and it's essential for new recruiters who have never taken training. 

This course is also targeted solely to how third party recruiters function, focusing on speed instead of comprehensive search. The training will include emphasis on hiring office and light industrial, technology, finance, and other professional services. Extensive new Boolean techniques and extensive integration with Dice, Indeed, and CareerBuilder are included.                                 

Session #2:  10:15 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.  

Facebook Graph:  

Facebook remains a powerful tool for candidates outside of LinkedIn, which represents over 70% of the working US population. Facebook Graph Search, Job Postings, Data Research, and Messaging are covered for those looking to stay competitive with corporate departments. 

Extensive attention will be be paid to how contract staffing firms use Facebook for fast hires, focusing on live requirements.

Facebook will include advertising and data research tools in a small module at the end. 

Session #3: 1:45 p.m. – 3:45 p.m. -

 LinkedIn Advanced: 

LinkedIn Advanced is a must-attend course built off the recent Sourcecon conference. Jim walks us through how direct hire and contract recruiters can build large lists using LinkedIn as a hub. 

These advanced techniques, which include visual sourcing and tool integration, are not available online, and represent 8 years of training. Class attendees will also learn the secret of gathering CEO cell phone and direct dial numbers from the internet.

Advice For A New Recruiter

Had a guy reach out to me - he's looking at recruiting jobs, and asked for some advice. Here was my off the cuff thoughts. 

First  - check out the archives from, specifically 2005-2006. I talked a lot about staffing because that was my job at the time.


a) My Recruiter and Me. 

b) Do you know enough math to be a contract recruiter?

c) What to do when a candidate asks for more money after the offer.

Second -  Focus on your metrics.
1) Look at as many resumes as you can and keep count

2) Interview as many people as you can on the phone and keep count (never let a call go longer than 30 minutes
3) Interview as many people as you can in person. (never let it go over 30 minutes).
4) Make it a practice to make 100 phone calls a day.

 There is no substitute for pattern recognition in this business. Get it in early, and you'll understand recruiting faster than your peers. Being smart doesn't help. It's about repetition. 

Third - Buy a mirror and put it on your desk. As the phone rings, smile at it. An old secret but a good one.

Fourth - if is your plan to stay in this business, you have to proudly identify yourself as a recruiter and a salesperson. There are no extra points for being a good recruiter in a sea of bad ones. Understand your job is to make introductions, and try not to take it personally when clients and candidates lie to you. Over time, your successes will outweigh your failures. Never apologize for being a recruiter, and never apologize for other recruiters. That will suck the life out of you, and you'll start looking for exits. 


Dice Open Web Project: Business Analyst For The Internet Of Things

Thanks to a preview of the Dice Open Web project, I'm digging into a permanent position for a business analyst for a manufacturing company in St Louis. The following are my notes on using DOW. The only compensation was a two week trial of the product.  

State of the Search:

We started with your typical job description, which pretty much is summed up with the title, Business Analayst. The company has been getting resumes from their website, and from recruiters who scour the normal job boards, so I either have to deep dive into companies, or use a new source. 

So I log into Dice, and because I talked to the manager, I enter search terms that are very specific.

I start with simple. "Internet of things" "business analyst" One difference for Dice that you have to get used to is that you don't use quotes for specific phrases. You separate keywords and phrases with a comma. Like all search protocols, knowing this before you start saves you a lot of time.  


Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 10.24.01 AM

So that creates 57 names, but I wasn't specific enough, and I get into the weeds with internet of things. So I back out and start over. 

Mesh network." "Iot." "NDC." RFID." "Wifi and Supply Chain" What I'm looking for is not just resumes, but clues into the people and companies that work on this in St Louis. 

The RFID Search has 5,000 candidates, but every one on the front page is a fit.  

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 10.32.20 AM

Most of these start with a resume, so I have contact info and know they are looking. But on page 2, I start getting more Open Web profiles, which can send me to LinkedIn, Facebook, Github, and Twitter. 

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 10.32.34 AM

This solves two problems. One, I'm calling right away. But if those calls hit voice mail, I have other ways of reaching out to them, and as I'm reading through each profile, I'm improving my knowledge of the skillset in St Louis, as well as which companies feature prominently in the space. 

If I were doing this on LinkedIn, I could pull up social data using a Chrome extension, but I'm by definition searching in a passive candidate pond. If I'm using another job board, I'm not focused on tech, and I'm competing against lightning fast contract recruiters who call every new resume as soon as it hits the job board. 

And let's not forget the company is doing th same thing, posting jobs and taking resumes for the position. 

My next step is contacting people. 

1) I call if the number is available. 
2) I email if that's available, using information from their social profile to be the hook. 
3) If they're on LinkedIn, I compare the profile to the resume, and make sure I check profile also viewed that night. 
4) I track them on social channels to see if they're talking about work, and if they're open to messaging on Facebook or Twitter. 
5) I check their name - many candidates use a slightly different version of their name in the resume to throw off their current employer. 

I'll update you on the total numbers and the connection success, as well as keeping a tab on the time as we move this project forward. 

And if you're a business analyst in St Louis with a manufacturing and supply chain background looking to get into the Internet of things, email me at that link to the top right.


For more on using Dice, check out their Social Recruiting Toolkit. 


Dice Open Web Review: Take Two

Last year, I did a review of Dice Open Web based on a Trial and a conversation with their President, Shavran. I liked the tool, but most of my work is done in digital marketing these days.

As luck would have it, I'm working four tech jobs in the St Louis market, and Dice has again offered to let me play with their upgraded system. So what I'm going to do is report live while working on these open requirements, showing how I would use Dice by actually using Dice.

Here's the Setup:

I'm looking for:

  • Web Developer - mid-range, Microsoft shop, .net and AJAX experience. 
  • .Net Developer (and really, who isn't) - a specialist with Dot Net Nuke chops. 
  • Business Analyst: Really more of a Business Systems Analyst, as it's interview, use cases, and then talking to the developers. 
  • IT Project Manager: A go-between in a rollout of a new system. More of an analyst, really. 

I'll screenshot each of the searches and post how I'm working with Open Web, so you can see the difference between just being on a job board, versus using one with the social data at your fingertips. 

So two things - one, if you see me looking or calling, pick up the phone. And two, keep an eye out here and on  for updates. 

And if you're convinced, check out for your technical hiring needs


I Have Four, Maybe Five Positions To Fill In St Louis

It's been a while, but I have four positions I need to fill in St Louis. 

And maybe a fifth, if they'll sign the contract. So forgive this blogpost, but I'll be soon reaching out and interviewing

  • Business Analysts
  • Web Developers
  • Project Analysts
  • .Net Developers

Yeah, I know that last one is far fetched, but the first three - that's my bread and butter. So if you remember me, know me, see me looking, or think you want a new job, reach out to me at @smheadhunter or social media headhunter at 

I'll have more later, along with a lot of cool videos we're doing. 

And in addition to being up for interviews, I'll be back in April for new LinkedIn and Facebook training with MKSSA. So be ready for that in April.