Dallas Tech Week

I'm here at Dallas Tech Week - pretty excited to be here with Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins of Roger Wilco


Mark has an awesome camera that we're going to use for interviews and panels. I think I want to buy like 10. It's called the Mevo, and we'll post it here as well as streaming live. 

Here's the introduction - if you see me this week, say hello. I'll be doing lots of interviews, asking about the Dallas Tech scene. 

Day 1 is at the Capital One Garage in Plano. 



2011 LinkedIn Training: Thursday, December 16th.

TO REGISTER FOR 2011 LinkedIn Training: Beyond the Basics.

Class Description: Participate in a step-by-step instruction from the "Social Media Headhunter" on new strategies for using LinkedIn to find and hire candidates for your company. Jim Durbin will demonstrate a point by point walk through targeted for corporate and executive recruiters.

The LinkedIn website is an effective tool for building and maintaining a close network of referrers for employment, but how does that help you hire people faster and with more quality? In an age where the email and voicemail are being replaced with Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn stands out as the professional social network at the center of your recruiting strategy.

LinkedIn remains the top business social network in the world, hosting more than 85 million profiles, including executives from every Fortune 500 company. Growing from its initial recruiting use as a merely an updated database, LinkedIn now is the dominant force in social media recruiting.

In this 90 minute teleseminar you will learn:

  • Updated strategies for 2011 on building a network that values hires and quality referrals.
  • How to connect with prospects inside and outside the platform.
  • How to craft messages that generate responses.
  • How to integrate LinkedIn to all of your social profiles.
  • What to look for in profiles of serious job seekers.
  • To measure and automate performance based on time, prospect flow and successful hires.
  • The keys to marketing using this powerful social media application.

About the Speaker:

Jim Durbin is a headhunter specializing in social media and owner of the Durbin Media Group. As a blogger and business owner, Jim is a frequent and valued speaker on such topics as online employment, recruiting blogs and using social networks in the hiring process. Prior to starting Durbin Media Group, Jim was a top performer as an Account Executive for national staffing firms. Jim is a graduate of Washington and Lee University and currently lives in St. Louis.


Register for this class for this Thursday to learn what is new at LinkedIn and how recent changes affect your ability to search for candidates!

Things To Do In My Absence

I'm heading to NAPS this week in San Antonio to participate in a panel for Margaret Graziano of KeenHire.  Margaret is putting on an executive briefing Thursday morning from 7-8:30 that includes breakfast and an excellent panel of speakers (including Shally). Next week, I'm heading with Franki to the BlogWorldExpo to meet with other bloggers and build up our list of contacts for future programs, so blogging will be light.  If you want to guest post here and get the link, feel free to write me. In the meantime, check out these business and recruiting blogs from friends and clients.


or alternately, watch a little Flight of the Conchords. I'll be back November 13th. 

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Dell Brings Back Windows XP

I had to replace my laptop a couple of months ago, and was frustrated with the options available at Best Buy.  I ended up purchasing a used Dell Latitude because I didn't want to deal with the complications of Vista, and knew that I needed at least a gig of RAM, really 2 gigs, to make a PC work with Vista.

But I didn't need Vista - I needed something for internet research and blogging.

So I bought a used Dell Latitude, and put my old Windows XP license on it.

Now it seems Dell is pulling the same trick, a huge statement about the trustworthiness of Vista, and the complications of selling cheap computers that have a mandatory upgrade to work.

Vista comes preloaded on computers with 512 Mb of RAM, which means they won't work - which is just about the stupidest thing you can do if you're selling computers with 512 Mb of RAM.

Well, Dell agrees with me.

A Video Portfolio

An example of how to use video to get your next job.  In this case, it's Edvard Voth, a video game designer, using the Flektor video editing software to build his vanity portfolio. In this case, Edvard happens to work for Flektor, but if you are in a creative field looking for employment - maybe you should be building your own Flek?

Compare this to a resume. 


Laptop Reviews: The Neverending Saga

My trusty Vaio died last week.  I took it in to Dimension Computer because the hard drive was making whirring noises, and the power cord was not working so great.  The hard drive crashed when the were working on it (luckily they pulled the data), and the cost of fixing the power plug, the hard drive, and upgrading to what I wanted was almost a new laptop, so I decided to purchase a new one.

Off I went to the internet to look for new deals.  All I use the PC for is searching and the use of the Broadlook Eclipse software, so all I really needed was a cheap laptop with wireless capability.  I went with the Compaq440, a cheap model with a price tag of $499, pre-loaded with Windows Vista.

But there was a problem.

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I Heard It On Tech Dirt, It Must Be True

Monster isn't the Monster we thought they were.

The flood of useless resumes that companies receive often means that posting a job to a major site is more trouble than it's worth. The industry is now starting to iron out its kinks, but in a way that's not to the benefit of the major sites, like Careerbuilder and Monster.com. While their traffic sags, business is booming at niche sites (via alarm:clock), like GovernmentJobs.com, which only lists public sector jobs.

The comments are instructive, but nothing new to recruiters.  I actually spoke to a Monster rep when I was at ERExpo.  Eric Winegardner, I think?  He told me that Monster had been into Web 2.0 for 5 years.  I let that sit for a moment, and then asked him to clarify.

What he meant was that Monster had some kind of user-generated content at sites like Military.com and some other niche sites.

It had been my hope to give him a chance to flesh that out - anyone saying they had been involved in Web 2.0 for five years is a bit like saying they've been involved in .Net development for 10 years.

Eric, if you happen to read this - that interview slot is still open.  I would love to hear the reply from Monster, and some further elaboration on what exactly Web 2.0 means to Monster.   

Where Did That Site Go: Domain Registration

Updated:  **  Look Below for Answers

One of the fun parts of being a blog consultant is playing with domain registrars to make your site show up.  I've set up a lot of blogs, both for clients and friends, and every time is different, based on the blogging platform and the domain registar.

Most of the time you can make it work.  Sometimes you can't.  So, as of right now, http://stlrecruiting.com doesn't work.  http://www.stlrecruiting.com works, but without the www, you're in trouble.

Normally, you can set the domain to forward, or create an html redirect page, but I'm using Pairnic.com as my host (on suggestion of Typepad), and if I use Custom DNS, which is required to set up subdomains, I'm, well, out of luck.

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