How Much Are You Worth?

It's always a pleasure to read Jim Stroud.  He has some great tools he passes along in addition to the Recruiting Life Comic Strip.

Today he pitches LeapFish, which measures the worth of your domain name.

StlRecruiting is valued about $11,000
- but I'll sell it for $10,000 if it's delivered in small, unmarked bills. is less than $200,000.

StlToday is worth almost $400,000

For Monster and StlToday, there is a big red warning saying the site is worth more than they can measure, but it's nice for comparison.

Let's see Monster is worth $6 billion in market cap, so if i do my math correctly (carry the one)...the market cap for is $150,000,000....That $10,000 offer is looking pretty good right now.  Maybe I should hold out until I actually sells ads to someone or use the site to bring in candidates or something.

I'm a Happy BlogFather

There's another Third Party Recruiting Blog - it's a niche firm focused on the credit card payment business.  CSH Consulting is the company, and as it's run by two former managers of mine, I really want to see it take off and make them placements.

Here's the credit card processing blog, just named CSH Consulting Blog.

Give them some linky love if you're tracking this kind of thing.

Site Upgrade

Crazy times ahead - we're sitting here working on the template for to add some mega upgrades.  Step one on the list is the addition of inline trackbacks, which mean that someone linking to the site with a trackback will have their post show up inside the text of the original post.

It's good for discussion enabling - and it's a feature that makes trackbacks important again (avoiding the trackback spam).

Free Advertising at

Attn:  St Louis Staffing Companies

If you like free advertising, and want to be part of the larger recruiting community, you ought to look at

It's brought to you by Jason Davis of, andit's an opportunity to out your website up in the national online employment community.   

This is a list of companies that have so far put their names, blogs or websites up.

Yes, this is free.  Send me a note when you're loaded up and I'll talk about your brilliance on this blog.

See Your Name Up In Lights

Jason Davis has come up with a great idea over at

The Wall of Fame, over at, is an industry board that allows individual bloggers, companies, and vendors, as well as anyone interested in advertising to purchase pixels on the site.  The site stays up for five years, and the goal is to make it a fun, creative, and cost-effective way to advertise recruiting or staffing services.

Each pixel costs $.20, which means a box on the screen costs $20.  And your ad?  When someone runs their mouse over the screen, a url you select pops up for the person to click to.

It's been done for college kids and copycats, but this is the first time I've seen it applied to an industry.

So if you want some exposure, click to the site and buy away!  At the very least, if you like what you read here and on, consider linking to, (after you've linked to, of course).

Do I have a financial interest?  You betcha- I make a percentage of the sales made to the board - but we figure this is a good way to give out publicity and at the same time earn a little bit back from the time we spend writing for  In case you don't know, I'm the editor of This Week,'s weekly newsletter, in addition to being an author and a cheerleader for the site.   

Coming Soon

I'm in my final week at Kforce, and will need to retool the blog to reflect that.  StlRecruiting will remain, but it will turn into a full-time advice and connection blog - rather than pitching jobs.

I won't disappear, as my new company, the Durbin Media Group, will be focused on building, supporting and connecting online communities to corporate clients.

Exciting times ahead.  Many of you will be getting e-mails and phone calls soon.

Voting at

The voting for the 2005 Blog Awards should be up and running - I'm onthe panel for best overall blog, and want everyone to know that I can be bought to throw the contest one way or another.

Posts are light because I'm working on some big ones, fighting a three week cold, and oh yeah - I;'m a Honeymooner!

In all seriousness, I did shoot up to Toronto to meet the bloggers last week.  Franki and I  have never been to Toronto, so we thought it might be nice to visti someplace new and meet Jason Davis, Michael Kelemen, and Anthony Meany.  Good guys all - very knowledgeable, and Toronto is a fantastic city from what I could see of it.

Although - I did show my old fogeyness, as I called security on a group of accountants who were throwing a party next door when they woke me up at 12:00.  That's right - I called hotel security on people having a party in a hotel on a Saturday.  Turnabout's fair play, I say.

Good (read as long) posts coming on the future of the internal recruiter and the third party corporate recruiter - as well as the use of blogs by job-seekers.   In the meantime, go vote!

Hiring Revolution

Hey, hey - what do you know?  Hiring Revolution changed their logo!

Look  - I was all about complaining about the picture of Che on their site, but even then, the compelling content, constant updates, and upbeat tone at their blog won me over. 

The blog has great advice, good columns, and it looks like they just had a makeover.   Looks good.
Ragan Jones column on work-life balance flows , man.  It's clear she is just talking to you - and that's the essence of a good blog post.

So mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.  You should be reading them and giving them lots of bloggy love.