Sales Staffing Position

Brent Gobrecht, an executive recruiter in the business of placing recruiters, has a client that is looking for an account executive in St Louis.

Here's the thing - you don't need staffing experience to get the job.  The company is willing to look at professional salespeople to fill the role.

St. Louis Staffing firm looking for a professional individual with 2+ years B2B sales experience in St. Louis. My client does not require the candidate to come from the staffing industry and would look at other industries.
The candidate should be a quick learner and have a strong work ethic with documented success in developing new business and relationships in the St. Louis Area.
If you are interested in hearing more feel free to call him at …..

Brent Gobrecht
Managing Director
Gobrecht Search International, Inc.
T (215) 795 0220
F (215) 754-4258

Server Side Java Developers To Work In Los Angeles

One of the toughest things to find in St Louis are high rates for Java developers. Rates are so often stuck at $40-60, that our best talent often goes to the coasts to find work. 

So when in Rome....A friend and client of mine has a project in Los Angeles, and is looking for smart server side developers who can work on a team to build the back end of an online community.  You will be coding, but you'll also be using your brain. 

The work is about six months (could go longer), and your flights, car, and a $100 per diem (room/board) are included.  Fly in, fly out - spending 8-10 days in LA a month.   

- 1099 contract arrangement
- Around 6 months of work, may go longer
- Payments every 2 weeks

What we're looking for:
- Need Java developers, not "architects."  It's okay if you're an architect, but you're being brought on to code, not plan out.  You have a smart boss and a good plan, so don't worry about nonsense.
- Active coding position
- 3-5 years server-side Java
- Patterns
- Clustering and scalable computing experience
- Nice to have Adobe Flex.  Really nice.
- Team is an Agile team.  We're not looking for people who are into RUP or waterfall design.

If you're interested, shoot an e-mail to, or send me your Skype contact.

Top Notch Linux Support Engineer For Hosting Company

I've got a friend with a high-level hosting company, who happens to be looking for some Linux gurus to come join his support team. 

Can you hack it?  Are you a 'nix snob?  Here's the story. You're going to be working with other superstars, so it's important you bring a lot to the table. The nice part is that you'll love working with this company, and you'll be paid well.

* Associate's degree or Trade School certificate in a related field
* Passion for Linux and Open Source
* Understanding the Customer Support and Enterprise are a state of mind
* Shift flexibility
* Ability to have fun in a hectic environment and put customer needs first
* Strong skills with solution design, solution development, technical performance and networking
* Outstanding problem solving and leadership skills
* Excellent organizational skills and ability to adapt easily
* Superior communication and interpersonal skills and ability to work well within a team

Desired Skills:
* Demonstrated technical Linux administration skills on RedHat Enterprise Linux
* Experience with project leadership, as well as product, services and solutions management
* Experience with Java/JEE application servers, including Tomcat, Resin, and JBoss
* Experience with Ruby on Rails Deployments
* Experience with PHP Deployments
* Experience with local area and wide area network administration
* Experience with Xen/VMWare

-If you're this guy, shoot me a note at socialmediaheadhunter - at- gmail

Marketing Position With Established Design Company

I'm working with a small business located in St Louis that is looking for a marketing whiz to take their substantial competitive advantages and turn them into new business leads.

This 10 person company is run by an entrepreneur, and has seen steady growth for the last five years, with positive cash flow, a well run operation, and a reputation for service and quality.

The company sells a high-end design product that retails in the $20-$25,000 range.  The company currently only uses Yellow Pages and Direct Mail, although they have used multiple marketing packages in the past.  Your monthly marketing budget is $15-20,000.   

This is an internal position at the home offices in South County. The office is moving to a more central location in the next year (they're looking), and remote work is possible.

You need 5 years of broad-based marketing experience with small businesses, selling a high-end luxury product or design services.  Experience with direct mail, media buying, online marketing, and copywriting is essential.  Your creative and web design services are taken care of, which leaves you responsible for vision, strategy, tactics, and execution.

You must be a result-oriented marketer with the ability to explain what you're doing without marketing speak.  I'd say detail oriented, but you're the type of person who labels their sock drawer, so asking you to document what you're doing shouldn't be that hard.

And if you can't forecast and track the ROI of your program, then you probably shouldn't be in marketing anyway.   

If you're interested and want to hear the salary range, send an e-mail titled Design Marketer to with a description of your experience marketing high-end products to the consumer.    

Adding Yourself As A St Louis Candidate

My Sendouts database is live, and I'm now accepting resumes for St Louis searches.  I'm focused on social media, which includes SEO, SEM, social media, Web Analytics, e-commerce, and related fields like graphic design and UI design, but I do take the occasional search from friends and former colleagues?

How does this benefit you the reader?  Simply use this link to add yourself to my database and update your profile.  Sendouts notifies me each time it happens, and I regularly go through those messages to see who added their name.

I am a recruiter, which means I work for the client (who pays me). I can't be a career counselor, but if your skills match a search I'm working on, I'll be contacting you for sure. To add your name and upload a word or text resume, follow this link to the Social Media Headhunter database, and be sure to follow the Social Media Headhunter blog  or the Twitter feed.

Monsanto Hiring A Social Media Specialist

I was pleased and surprised to see that Monsanto is looking to hire a social media specialist. It's a position in their Public Relations department (a good place for a social media specialist), and it's a good sign for my recruiting practice in social media that companies are looking to hire these positions with these titles.  A list of some of the duties are not bad.


  • Monitoring and tracking of online media, blogs, and social media sites
  • Analyzing and reporting on trends in online discussions
  • Working with internal and external communication teams to develop social media outreach strategies
  • Working with internal teams to consult and educate on new online developments and tools
  • I even like the Monsanto colors on the text (it's good branding).  What I don't like is the rest of the job description, which  pretty clearly lays out that this is an entry-level position where your job is basically that of an intern.  It seems someone at Monsanto has bought into the idea that hiring a 23 year-old with one year's experience and a knowledge of that "social media stuff" is a good way to get involved.

    This is a common mistake for companies, who assume (wrongly) that young means social media savvy. it's also a way to pay very little for important research.

    The  skills needed?

  • Do you have a Bachelor's degree or equivalent professional experience
  • 1 or more years of relevant professional experience
  • Translation:  We want to hire someone cheap who can monitor blogs for us and we'll call them our social media expert.  We don't want to hire a new college graduate, but we don't want to pay much.  Here's the problem.

    I can't tell if Monsanto has their own blogs - if they do, they are poorly optimized and need some professional help, as they don't show up in a search.  What I do know is that Monsanto is a favorite target of environmental activists, and considering the impact of Monsanto on the agricultural world, it's astounding that they don't have a full social media strategy in place.

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    Social Media Candidates For The SMHeadhunter

    I want to talk to you.

    If you are looking for a social media job in St Louis in the following areas:

    Social Media
    Web Analytics
    Online Marketing

    I'm building my database, adding candidates, and actively reaching out to clients with these needs.  Here's the thing - I do what you do, which means you'll be working with a recruiter that understands the technology and the marketing piece of your business.  But it also means that I understand the technology and marketing piece, which means you won't be snowing me with industry jargon.

    Some of these jobs are in St Louis - some are elsewhere - I won't be doing relocation for contingency search, but I will work with remote candidates in the right areas, and I have clients on both coasts, north and south.

    So if you're in St Louis and want to be in touch with the Social Media Headhunter, e-mail me or subscribe to the blog,  Follow me on twitter at, or check me out on Skype at smheadhunter.

    Right now - if you an SEO consultant, I have some options for you.  So don't be surprised if I call.

    VP Marketing Role In St Louis

    One of my clients is looking for a VP of Marketing to generate business leads.  This is a contingent search, and I'm recruiter.

    This is a start-up company located in St Louis, involved in the GPS Tracking business.  The company has been around for over a year, is funded, and basically needs someone who is prepared to run a full-scale marketing program.  The product is sold over the phone and online nationally.  The sales process is short, and the primary markets are small businesses with employees who drive company vehicles.

    What I'm Looking For:

    Expertise in running PPC, SEO, direct mail, telesales and online marketing.  Experience in social media would be nice, but only to the extent that it improves your online profile.
    Self-Managed:  This is a position for someone who doesn't need a lot of hand-holding.  You should be able to create, design, and execute a marketing plan that helps this company add new customers.
    Proven Track Record: You must have a proven track record of success in generating new leads.   That is the primary purpose of this assignment.
    Sales experience:  The best candidate would also know how to close over the phone when needed.  Your ability to do so will greatly increase your salary.


    I have three levels of salary I'm willing to present, based on the kind of person I found.

    Level 1:  $50K:  Skilled online marketer.  Good at generating new business leads
    Level 2:  $70K: Marketing and Sales, plus a bit of management experience to put into place in the future
    Level 3:  $????   Marketing, Sales, and part of the Executive Team.  You're just waiting for the right opportunity to seek your teeth into.  You've done this before, but you can also speak to board members, the press, and build a team as the company grows.

    There is also an equity stake available that vests over time for the right candidates.

    Your Marketing Budget:  You're starting mainly from scratch - there's marketing collateral and a decent PPC campaign, but you really need to come in and plan out the next 6 months to a year.  You'll start out with a $15-20,000 a month budget, but that can expand if you start to show results. 

    Your Boss
    :  Direct report to the President.  He's a software consulting expert from a couple of degrees, business savvy, and previous management experience under his belt.  He's smart, aggressive, and wants someone who sees this opportunity and wants to be a part of it.

    If this is you, or someone you know, have them contact me at with the Subject VP Marketing, or have them call me by searching his site and finding the number.