Digital Specialist - SEM and SEO Roles

September 30:

My client in Fort Lauderdale is taking his team in-house. We're looking for someone who can handle adwords, and a second person who can supply marketing strategy for SEO, conversion, landing pages. 

As you can see, it's a team effort. Decent salaries, but we're not getting into six figures. 

There are no emergencies, but you'll check the site regularly. But it's not a holiday kind of site. It's year-round, B2B . 


1-3 years of experience in search engine or inbound marketing.

Experience with marketing automation (HubSpot, Magento)

Google Ad Words certification

Broad range of skills and/or knowledge of online and search engine marketing.

Experience with paid search across platforms like AdWords, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and retargeting programs.

Extremely organized and great at prioritizing and managing deadlines.

Ability to work collaboratively with a marketing team to improve performance across all divisions.



Dallas Job Post: B2B Content Marketing Manager

A client of mine needs a tactical lead in B2B content to manage content producers here in Dallas.

Backed by a seasoned management team in the dental industry, my client needs someone who understands what motivate medical professionals, with experience in the dental mindset a huge plus. The company fields a great product and their sales and marketing strategy is set.

They need someone to execute and drive the content for webinars, lead generation, and conversion. Primary needs are digital marketing savvy, experience with email and webinars, and the ability to manage remote teams. Our customers are dental practice owners, and we need to determine how to get them to sell our product within their practice.

Job Description:

There is a “company” description that’s not half bad, but to help filter out specifically what we’re looking for, we’ve condensed it to these primary “Day in the Life” examples.

-Manage a team of four that includes content, design, video, and SEO

-Collaborate with a sales VP on how social/digital can integrate with Direct Mail, Email, Radio, Events, and Sales

-Test and perfect B2B digital messaging

-Integrate Social Media with Mail Chimp to improve opens, address collection, and tracking

-Lead the long-term technology project to create appointment setting software to deliver to retail clients

-Identify areas where social/digital can be used to improve customer acquisition cost both for the manufacturer and for the retail seller

-Serve as a digital/social consultant and champion to the CEO and the investor board

-Work with the external marketing agency, guiding and approving content and digital properties.

That inbound marketing piece is going to be a big part of the eventual job, but the first step is understanding the market and getting more dentists to sign up. We don’t have a sales force, but we do have a 12% response rate, and the company is not a start-up. We do expect rapid growth out of the 8 figure range into the 9 figure range in just a few years. The key is first expanding the retail base, while planning on how to use a larger marketing budget in the future to demand generation.

Key Needs:

Messaging Ability: Finding leads is not the problem, especially for licensed practitioners. It’s getting return calls and emails. You’ll need to have that creative spark on how to pitch a small business owner.

Digital Experience: You have to have led a technology project for inbound marketing. We’ll want an example.

Social Experience: I’m not looking for Facebook posting. I’m more interested in social media for analysis and general branding.

PPC Experience: You need to be able to manage this - not on the minute level, but if you had to hire someone, could you do it?Can you ask the right questions?

Marketing Experience: I need someone with end-to-end marketing experience. This is still a small business, and if you can’t understand and empathize with the retail seller, your digital expertise won’t accomplish its goals. This could fall under the more generic, business experience, but we’re looking for someone who has done more than work in an agency or as a brand manager.

Final Thoughts:

Ultimately, we need someone who likes taking product to market, not someone who wants to be a senior manager at a large firm. It’s a different mindset. We need the more than mom and pop experience, because it’s a national product, not a micro-business. But it’s not a corporate job needing a corporate experience - yet.

So to apply - just send me an email and title it B2B Content Manager - Dallas. Write a very short description of a project that shows you can handle inbound, and send me a way to call you.

Dice Open Web Project: Business Analyst For The Internet Of Things

Thanks to a preview of the Dice Open Web project, I'm digging into a permanent position for a business analyst for a manufacturing company in St Louis. The following are my notes on using DOW. The only compensation was a two week trial of the product.  

State of the Search:

We started with your typical job description, which pretty much is summed up with the title, Business Analayst. The company has been getting resumes from their website, and from recruiters who scour the normal job boards, so I either have to deep dive into companies, or use a new source. 

So I log into Dice, and because I talked to the manager, I enter search terms that are very specific.

I start with simple. "Internet of things" "business analyst" One difference for Dice that you have to get used to is that you don't use quotes for specific phrases. You separate keywords and phrases with a comma. Like all search protocols, knowing this before you start saves you a lot of time.  


Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 10.24.01 AM

So that creates 57 names, but I wasn't specific enough, and I get into the weeds with internet of things. So I back out and start over. 

Mesh network." "Iot." "NDC." RFID." "Wifi and Supply Chain" What I'm looking for is not just resumes, but clues into the people and companies that work on this in St Louis. 

The RFID Search has 5,000 candidates, but every one on the front page is a fit.  

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 10.32.20 AM

Most of these start with a resume, so I have contact info and know they are looking. But on page 2, I start getting more Open Web profiles, which can send me to LinkedIn, Facebook, Github, and Twitter. 

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 10.32.34 AM

This solves two problems. One, I'm calling right away. But if those calls hit voice mail, I have other ways of reaching out to them, and as I'm reading through each profile, I'm improving my knowledge of the skillset in St Louis, as well as which companies feature prominently in the space. 

If I were doing this on LinkedIn, I could pull up social data using a Chrome extension, but I'm by definition searching in a passive candidate pond. If I'm using another job board, I'm not focused on tech, and I'm competing against lightning fast contract recruiters who call every new resume as soon as it hits the job board. 

And let's not forget the company is doing th same thing, posting jobs and taking resumes for the position. 

My next step is contacting people. 

1) I call if the number is available. 
2) I email if that's available, using information from their social profile to be the hook. 
3) If they're on LinkedIn, I compare the profile to the resume, and make sure I check profile also viewed that night. 
4) I track them on social channels to see if they're talking about work, and if they're open to messaging on Facebook or Twitter. 
5) I check their name - many candidates use a slightly different version of their name in the resume to throw off their current employer. 

I'll update you on the total numbers and the connection success, as well as keeping a tab on the time as we move this project forward. 

And if you're a business analyst in St Louis with a manufacturing and supply chain background looking to get into the Internet of things, email me at that link to the top right.


For more on using Dice, check out their Social Recruiting Toolkit. 


Dice Open Web Review: Take Two

Last year, I did a review of Dice Open Web based on a Trial and a conversation with their President, Shavran. I liked the tool, but most of my work is done in digital marketing these days.

As luck would have it, I'm working four tech jobs in the St Louis market, and Dice has again offered to let me play with their upgraded system. So what I'm going to do is report live while working on these open requirements, showing how I would use Dice by actually using Dice.

Here's the Setup:

I'm looking for:

  • Web Developer - mid-range, Microsoft shop, .net and AJAX experience. 
  • .Net Developer (and really, who isn't) - a specialist with Dot Net Nuke chops. 
  • Business Analyst: Really more of a Business Systems Analyst, as it's interview, use cases, and then talking to the developers. 
  • IT Project Manager: A go-between in a rollout of a new system. More of an analyst, really. 

I'll screenshot each of the searches and post how I'm working with Open Web, so you can see the difference between just being on a job board, versus using one with the social data at your fingertips. 

So two things - one, if you see me looking or calling, pick up the phone. And two, keep an eye out here and on  for updates. 

And if you're convinced, check out for your technical hiring needs


I Have Four, Maybe Five Positions To Fill In St Louis

It's been a while, but I have four positions I need to fill in St Louis. 

And maybe a fifth, if they'll sign the contract. So forgive this blogpost, but I'll be soon reaching out and interviewing

  • Business Analysts
  • Web Developers
  • Project Analysts
  • .Net Developers

Yeah, I know that last one is far fetched, but the first three - that's my bread and butter. So if you remember me, know me, see me looking, or think you want a new job, reach out to me at @smheadhunter or social media headhunter at 

I'll have more later, along with a lot of cool videos we're doing. 

And in addition to being up for interviews, I'll be back in April for new LinkedIn and Facebook training with MKSSA. So be ready for that in April. 

St Louis Social Media Position

You know me and short job descriptions.  I need someone to be a social media consultant for a company. The position starts off as consulting gig, but if you do a good job, they will want you to go full time in six months.  I have a fixed rate and salary in mind.

The position is remote, but you'll have a cubicle.  It's working for a nursing provider here in St Louis, helping brand and promote the recruiting department.  The job is not posted, and it's my job to bring a slate of candidates to them (it's retained). 

What you'll do

You'll blog (regularly, and on multiple sites).

You'll monitor the online world for information on the company

You'll look for and post events in other cities.

You'll help the recruiter be the face of the company's employment, but will not be a ghostwriter.

You'll make it so the recruiter and the company are well-known in the geographical area, which means working with them to create a style of writing that agrees with both of you. 

You'll report on results. 

What I need from you.

1) Experience writing consistently in the online world

2) Experience interviewing (reporters and recruiters welcome)

3) Self-disciplined (as in examples, not, "I'm really discipline."

4) Curiousity

5) Functional use of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Ning social networks, Google, and blogging platforms (this is typepad, but you don't need it)

6) Some background in recruiting is great, but not necessary.  Same is true for PR.

7) A desire to utilize social media for results, and not "engagement" or "conversation."  It's a metrics based world.

I can train some of what you don't know, but I'm only training the one who gets the job.  If interested, contact me at socialmediaheadhunter at the google email or using smheadhunter as a headhunter on a number of sites. 

Public Relations/Social Media Position (InHouse)

I'm Looking for a St Louis based in-house Public Relations top performer with a heavy dose of working with technology or technical services, who understands how to use social media in tandem with traditional PR.

Harder than it sounds, but easier than it looks, this is a permanent placement with a hot company in downtown St Louis. You have to have PR experience, but you have to pass my social media test also.

Salary is in the 50k range.

Expectations are that you will create press - both online and in trade and newspapers. Constant work - it's a lot more than PR Newswire or press releases to your industry contacts. But it's a sweet job with a sweet company.

Here are the basics

  • Ability to network and interface with trade and local press (local as in every city)
  • Events and Trade Shows
  • Managing online presence (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, networks)
  • Online monitoring
  • Press contacts
  • Content and copywriting press releases and social media releases
  • Integration of public relations and social media job duties
  • Results oriented policies and attention to detail (and you're judged in large part by the employment process).

The Company.

  • One of the most respected in its field
  • Heavy technology focus
  • Top Notch Customer Service
  • Revenues grew five fold last year.
  • One of the best bosses you'll ever have, if you're a hard worker and an entrepreneur (and there's no chance of him being a bad boss, because you wouldn't last long if you're not a hard worker).

If you're interested, contact @smheadhunter.  You should know how to do that.

Interactive Project Manager for Major Brand in St Louis

I have a year long contract position for an interactive project manager with agency and online marketing experience. This is a number two position to a director of ecommerce (one of the best around, and I'll vouch for that), who needs to be focused on the strategic and political work inside the company. She needs someone who can serve as her right hand, helping to integrate this company's online and traditional marketing.

Before you read any further, you're going to have to integrate SilverPop, and you're going to have to have a passing fancy with Omniture. Other duties include approving copy and creative, building internal slide decks, calendar and meeting organization, and research.

Here's what I really need. I need someone who can take direction and make things work. I need a fixer.  I need someone with a perfect attention to detail who understands their real job is to make the life of their boss easier.  You're the hands.  You'll have to know when you can sign off on something, and when you need to go to your boss for approval.  You'll have to walk the fine line between keeping her notified of progress, without wasting her time with useless email.  You'll have to build networks inside the company and with vendors so you can be smart, knowledgeable and useful.

It's a fantastic opportunity to take what you know and reach the next level. Your career path is to replace your boss one day.  You heard me right.  This job will transition permanent when headcount allows, but for now it's a contract position.  Don't be fooled. You're W-2 with benefits, and seriously, you're working with someone who gets online marketing.

You'll need:
Agency Experience (working for or working with)
Corporate experience (working for or working with)
Silverpop integration
Omniture familiarity
Web Analytics, SEO, PPC, Branding - you know, Digital experience
Event marketing

Strangely enough, you need absolutely no social media experience for this position.  It doesn't hurt, but it doesn't help.  You won't be involved much in the social media piece for this company in the near future.

You can contact me at or the email address to the top right for a discreet confidential chat.  The Salary is 60K+, and this is a contract position.  If you send me a pdf resume, I probably won't read it. 

Technical Recruiter Need In St Louis

Got a note that a recruiter's recruiter is looking in St Louis for a technical recruiter.  Brent Gobrecht does this regularly in our market, and is looking for you. 

1.    2+ years full life cycle IT recruiting experience (Agency side)            
2.    Proven Track record of placing individuals within the IT industry        _____   
3.    Experience calling on all levels of IT Candidates                   
4.    Knowledge of the local St. Louis Market__________               
5.    Very hungry and aggressive (self-starter) mindset with strong presentation skills
6.    Bring a rolodex of relationships if possible                       
7.    Excellent interpersonal and relationship skills(high energy, type A)       
8.    Extremely professional individual with a stable work history           
9.    Must be able to work in a team environment ___    __    _           
10.    Be able to work in a competitive environment and have strong work ethic

If this is you, you can reach Brent confidentially at