KOIOS Meets Bellion Vodka at Barista Ventures

Last Friday, down at the Barista Ventures HQ in downtown Dallas, a group of marketing executives met up for a friendly talking about digital marketing and moderate drinking. 

The 211 N. Ervay building includes three floors that host a number of startups and startup focused marketing companies. It is our goal to regularly throw parties, events, meetups, card games, and showcases. It's a great space, and let me tell you - unused space is wasted space.  

First, Bellion Vodka and KOIOS soft drinks were featured. And by featured, I mean that I brought them as my contribution, along with a six pack of Blue Moon. If you remember Bellion, it came to my attention last year, and I'm a big fan because they recently got their technology peer reviewed. They can't say it, but I can - they did clinical trials that showed the hepatoprotective value of the vodka. It actually protects your liver while you drink. Or rather, it does less damage than alcohol, which puts into the category of a functional spirit. 


That's a bottle looking fondly through downtown Dallas. Here's a Bulletproof Podcast on the topic

KOIOS came to my attention through a Facebook ad. It's a drink with MCT oil, which is what I put in my Bulletproof coffee. They sent me a case in addition to the one I bought, so I brought it in to test it out. It's full of B vitamins, no sugar, no added caffeine, and when you add the two, it's just about the smartest drinking you can do .


Under the FTC rules - we're supposed to make sure we're clear that we tell you when stuff is sponsored. None of this was sponsored, but I didn't pay for the KOIOS or the Bellion. KOIOS sent me a free case after a shipping error. I drank the one I bought, and brought the other for the party. Or the other way around. The Bellion Vodka was also shipped to me several months ago, but that was as a gift because through last January, I was working with them to make some placements. I have no financial links to either company, and have not promised anything for the products. I have also purchased both products on my own. 

Our New Dallas Location: Digital Marketing Headhunter Joins The Barista Ventures Family

This is fun news. The Digital Marketing Headhunter (that's me) and the rest of our team are working with Barista Ventures in downtown Dallas at the 211 N. Ervay building. 

We're working on the fancy logo and more content, but all the rest of our information will remain the same. 

Barista Ventures is a Dallas digital marketing firm that includes mobile, web design, world-class writing (ad, social, and feature), and a number of back end technologies. They're the marketing firm for Dallas Start-Ups, and they're making quite the splash downtown.

We'll be in one of their offices on the 7th floor, but we'll also be assisting in hiring and strategy needs. We'll be posting some content, and writing some content, including the invitations to their monthly parties - so make sure you ask Jim Durbin about an invitation. It's not that you need one - it's just that you'll want him to make your introductions. 

To look at a proper story, check out this one from Launch DFW that includes the CEO of Roger Wilco, Mark Hopkins.

Mark Hopkins, CEO of Dallas instantaneous digital video production and content marketing firmRoger Wilco, recently announced intent to join forces in creating a collaborative space that aims to provide incubation capital and other support to Dallas startups organized by several Dallas tech companies under the direction of Josh Stramiello, Broken Box Startup founder. The intended goal of this space is to be a part of transforming Dallas into a thriving, business-rich environment that is more diverse in its offerings.

The hybrid private equity incubator attached to the space will offer companies rolling admission with an open-ended platform that is measured by KPI metrics. It is geared toward the vision that companies can reach to make the next level instead of achieving simple add value on a set calendar.

More to come!