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Announcing The Sourcing Worklab

It's real, and it's spectacular.





Well, we did it. My team launched the Sourcing Worklab last night.

This is a new training model for recruiters - a program to change habits and improve performance at all levels through Visual Learning and demonstration. 

This is like nothing you've ever seen in the recruiting space, and I want to tell you why my team launched this. 

First - the model.  The SOURCING WORKLAB is a monthly subscription community for up to 200 staffing and search firms. Each week, the members send in searches they are working on, and on Monday afternoons, Lacey and I do the searches live. 

It's a 90 minute session where we work on your jobs. Who is we? Why, these two folks down here! 

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 8.35.36 AMLacey is an experienced host, moderator, and community manager. She keeps me on track and works with members on their training programs and progress. 

I'm the Social Media Headhunter, and I've trained some 9,000 people on digital tools. 

And that experience is why I decided to try something different - something that I've struggled with in front of audiences for the 10 years. 

It works like this. Webinars give you a short time to introduce a new concept. Most people get a few lessons from the webinar, but very few download or replay the videos. They're just too busy. Several years ago, I launched a store of products that covered the webinar topics of LinkedIn, Facebook, Search, Google, Twitter...) - and they sold about 100 copies. That drove me crazy. The surveys and reports of use rated them highly. The tech was easy. The packaging was beautiful. The recorded trainings were higher quality, better thought out, edited and planned. When people did buy them - they sat on the shelf. Those who watched, watched only once (even though it was set up into chapters for quick reference). 

At the same time, webinars for those same topics would drive 200 people. Why? It was the same marketing. Why take live training instead of carefully edited training? 

It was simple. Recruiters are busy. If they don't put it on their calendar, it goes down the task list. Having a physical product is not a need. Having a webinar on a calendar is a need. 

Clearly - you have to get on a calendar. 

But what happens after the training? My best results come from individuals who get repeated training sessions. Check out this reference: 

"Jim has been a fantastic mentor.  Early in my career, Jim trained me on the key components of sourcing and screening. Over the course of two years, as the positions I worked on grew more complex, he continued to provide me with new tools and tactics that matched my experience."

That's a recruiter in Houston I had the pleasure of working with for some two years. As he got better, I gave him more. Most important, we worked on open positions, not imaginary ones. And that is the formula. 

Scheduled Session + Live Requirements + Consistency

That is how you learn. That's how everyone learns. So we created the Worklab to create better results. 

There are two versions of the lab. The first is a staffing firm/independent recruiter community. The second is for internal/corporate recruiters (launching later in the year - with an exciting second speaker). 

Check out the site. Most important - tell your friends with staffing friends. Send them to the site and help them develop their recruiters.