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TalentNet Interactive In Austin: Speaking On AI, Automation, And Machine Learning


I'll be speaking at Talentnet this Friday, presenting on the main stage with Phil Rodriguez of Hirevue on how Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and Machine Learning have arrived in the recruiting world. 

Hirevue, whose core product is a video interviewing and review system, has a unique window into what works because a recorded video is a source of data that never stops giving, and they have tens of thousands of samples to review. What they're learning and working on is understanding what makes a great interview question, and they can figure it out because they can measure facial signals, audio channels, body posture, and the actual words used by candidates (as opposed to that written down by an interviewer). 

My part of the presentation will focus on How to Create Your Own AI Bot, which I'm doing with the help of Roger Wilco, a startup agency in downtown Dallas.  Our robot will be called Roger, and it's focus will be improving the candidate experience with a Watson-enabled Chatbot and avatars created by Robokind, a robot company that helps teach autistic children.