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Conversations: Iced Coffee And Organic Sugar


Sales Executive: It's good to finally meet you. It's only been what, two years? 

Headhunter: 19 months. And it's nice to put a real face to the name. I can't believe you use your real photo on LinkedIn. For $500, I can hire someone to photoshop that manly scruff away.

SE: Salespeople can't have old photos - no one recognizes you when you take them to lunch.

H: Good point. Do you want lunch? Food's good, but if you're meeting someone at 12 - well, I don't eat before presentations. 

SE: Me either. Maybe a small muffin and a coffee. So how's business?

H: Would you believe me if I told you I'm working with that company again?

SE: You're braver than me.

H: You never burn a contact in our world. You just try to understand what the problem is and hit it from another angle.

SE: You sound like a sales guy. 

H: I'll get a medium coffee, in a mug please.

SE: I'll get a banana nut muffin, and do you have iced coffee? 

Barista: We don't.

SE: So a hot coffee, and a glass of ice.

H: Dude - you're in the burbs. If you want fresh, cold-pressed brewed fine designer coffee, you have to stay in the city. 

SE: Hot coffee isn't something you drink before a presentation. Get the wrong stuff, and you'll start sweating just as you're asking for money. 

H: Holy crap, you're right. You are a professional salesperson. Honestly, I didn't think about that before. 

SE: You know, it's the little things.

{to Barista}
H: Excuse me - do you have any of that Vegan sugar in the back.

Barista: I'll check, sir.

SE: What did you just ask for?

H: Vegan sugar?

SE: Yeah, vegan sugar.

H: My wife brought it home from Whole Foods the other day. 

SE: Your wife is a sweetheart, but perhaps you can explain why you think you can make fun of me for iced coffee, when you have vegan sugar up on deck. 

H: What is vegan sugar?

SE: I don't know. 

H: Exactly. What is it? Is there something in sugar that's not vegan? I looked at the label. You know what it says? Sugar. And you when you look at a regular sugar package, you know what it says?

SE: Sugar.

H: Exactly. So that got me thinking. What is in my sugar that has a face?

SE: That could be the most disgusting thing I've heard since that pink meat at McDonald's.
H: Right? It's worth being made fun of if I'm not getting cow brains or horse hoof in my sugar.
SE: Real salespeople don't put anything in their coffee. It's wasted time that creates tension with the client while you stir in your hazelnut cream. 

H: It's quite possible. The next time I meet a real salespeople, I'll be sure to ask them if that's true. 

SE: Talking with you is like talking with my older brother, after he switched bodies with my youngest daughter. 

H: I get you what you're saying. I'm family. 

{Both start laughing}