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Facebook Ads Specialist Needed In Dallas (Remote and Part-Time)

A client of mine in Dallas regularly has a need for someone used to driving email conversions from Facebook Ads. We currently have two projects, that while small, are pilots that could lead to larger long-term contracts. 

We're looking for part-time, offsite help, local to Dallas, but occasionally able to pop into our offices. The jobs are mostly set-up and maintenance, which means you need experience in small business ads, but once you've done the work, you're mostly collecting a paycheck. 

To apply - you don't really need a resume, you just need to call me and explain what you know. If you know more than I do, I can get you the job.

Things I want to hear:

Your use of Power Editor
How you build your ads
An example of at least one long-term (3 months or more) project where the conversion was emails. 
A clear understanding of whether you did the work or whether you were there when the work was done.
If you've had specific training, what kind of training you've had (Blitzmetrics would be awesome).

Alternately, we could pull up a screenshare and we could talk through what you know. 

Payment is based on the spend. Roughly $1,000/month to start, but we have ad spend that will get to five figures and more, and if you can prove it on the small projects, you can prove it on the big ones. 

Contact me at Social Media Headhunter, or email me at jim@socialmediatalent.com if you're interested, with a short email explaining why you make sense for this.