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Hiring Greatness: David Perry And Mark Haluska

I've spent the last seven months traveling back and forth to New York City working with a spirits brand for the launch of an exciting new product. Building up their team in digital marketing, operations, and finance has been a great ride, and it gave me the opportunity to work with one of the finest recruiters I know (or have even heard of), David Perry of David and his partner Mark not only are doing a great job on an important role, they also just launched their latest book, Hiring Greatness. 

The book, available at Amazon, is designed to teach executives and their board members how to work with headhunters

Those of you who have known me for a decade would remember David from his books Guerilla Marketing for Job Hunters, as he engaged early recruiting bloggers at 

The book is a mix of how-to and personal experience - a description of what it takes to get the results you want from a headhunter, but also a map for headhunters to understand what they need to get from their clients. 

It's difficult to explain to people not in our industry how complex a search can be, especially at the top of a company, where value and salary have less correlation than anyone would like (what do you do for a CEO who can turn a $100 million into a $1 billion?. How do you compare that CEO to one who can get you to $150 MM?).

After some late discussion over szechuan and very early mornings meeting with candidates (he's forever changed my view on how many candidates are acceptable to screen in a search), the data point that stuck out most was his idea of multi-dimensional recruiting. 

On the plane home last week, while reading the hardcover, this is what I wrote.

"The best search professionals can't be taught. Their talent exists or it does not exist. And yet there are no naturals in our business. Raw talent has to be uncovered, and then refined. Your ability to do the job is not on the surface, but instead comes from deep within you, and has to be brought to the surface as a result of the extreme pressure that comes from repetition, rejection, and reward." 

That's the kind of book this is. It's makes you write long, thoughtful sentences that open a debate. If what I wrote is true, the next question is, how do we learn to surface that talent? David and Mark have learned the hard way, and they share it in this book.