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Dallas Job Post: B2B Content Marketing Manager

A client of mine needs a tactical lead in B2B content to manage content producers here in Dallas.

Backed by a seasoned management team in the dental industry, my client needs someone who understands what motivate medical professionals, with experience in the dental mindset a huge plus. The company fields a great product and their sales and marketing strategy is set.

They need someone to execute and drive the content for webinars, lead generation, and conversion. Primary needs are digital marketing savvy, experience with email and webinars, and the ability to manage remote teams. Our customers are dental practice owners, and we need to determine how to get them to sell our product within their practice.

Job Description:

There is a “company” description that’s not half bad, but to help filter out specifically what we’re looking for, we’ve condensed it to these primary “Day in the Life” examples.

-Manage a team of four that includes content, design, video, and SEO

-Collaborate with a sales VP on how social/digital can integrate with Direct Mail, Email, Radio, Events, and Sales

-Test and perfect B2B digital messaging

-Integrate Social Media with Mail Chimp to improve opens, address collection, and tracking

-Lead the long-term technology project to create appointment setting software to deliver to retail clients

-Identify areas where social/digital can be used to improve customer acquisition cost both for the manufacturer and for the retail seller

-Serve as a digital/social consultant and champion to the CEO and the investor board

-Work with the external marketing agency, guiding and approving content and digital properties.

That inbound marketing piece is going to be a big part of the eventual job, but the first step is understanding the market and getting more dentists to sign up. We don’t have a sales force, but we do have a 12% response rate, and the company is not a start-up. We do expect rapid growth out of the 8 figure range into the 9 figure range in just a few years. The key is first expanding the retail base, while planning on how to use a larger marketing budget in the future to demand generation.

Key Needs:

Messaging Ability: Finding leads is not the problem, especially for licensed practitioners. It’s getting return calls and emails. You’ll need to have that creative spark on how to pitch a small business owner.

Digital Experience: You have to have led a technology project for inbound marketing. We’ll want an example.

Social Experience: I’m not looking for Facebook posting. I’m more interested in social media for analysis and general branding.

PPC Experience: You need to be able to manage this - not on the minute level, but if you had to hire someone, could you do it?Can you ask the right questions?

Marketing Experience: I need someone with end-to-end marketing experience. This is still a small business, and if you can’t understand and empathize with the retail seller, your digital expertise won’t accomplish its goals. This could fall under the more generic, business experience, but we’re looking for someone who has done more than work in an agency or as a brand manager.

Final Thoughts:

Ultimately, we need someone who likes taking product to market, not someone who wants to be a senior manager at a large firm. It’s a different mindset. We need the more than mom and pop experience, because it’s a national product, not a micro-business. But it’s not a corporate job needing a corporate experience - yet.

So to apply - just send me an email and title it B2B Content Manager - Dallas. Write a very short description of a project that shows you can handle inbound, and send me a way to call you.