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Dice Open Web Review: Take Two

Last year, I did a review of Dice Open Web based on a Trial and a conversation with their President, Shavran. I liked the tool, but most of my work is done in digital marketing these days.

As luck would have it, I'm working four tech jobs in the St Louis market, and Dice has again offered to let me play with their upgraded system. So what I'm going to do is report live while working on these open requirements, showing how I would use Dice by actually using Dice.

Here's the Setup:

I'm looking for:

  • Web Developer - mid-range, Microsoft shop, .net and AJAX experience. 
  • .Net Developer (and really, who isn't) - a specialist with Dot Net Nuke chops. 
  • Business Analyst: Really more of a Business Systems Analyst, as it's interview, use cases, and then talking to the developers. 
  • IT Project Manager: A go-between in a rollout of a new system. More of an analyst, really. 

I'll screenshot each of the searches and post how I'm working with Open Web, so you can see the difference between just being on a job board, versus using one with the social data at your fingertips. 

So two things - one, if you see me looking or calling, pick up the phone. And two, keep an eye out here and on  for updates. 

And if you're convinced, check out for your technical hiring needs


I Have Four, Maybe Five Positions To Fill In St Louis

It's been a while, but I have four positions I need to fill in St Louis. 

And maybe a fifth, if they'll sign the contract. So forgive this blogpost, but I'll be soon reaching out and interviewing

  • Business Analysts
  • Web Developers
  • Project Analysts
  • .Net Developers

Yeah, I know that last one is far fetched, but the first three - that's my bread and butter. So if you remember me, know me, see me looking, or think you want a new job, reach out to me at @smheadhunter or social media headhunter at 

I'll have more later, along with a lot of cool videos we're doing. 

And in addition to being up for interviews, I'll be back in April for new LinkedIn and Facebook training with MKSSA. So be ready for that in April.