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2011 List Of St Louis Staffing Firms

Got an email from a young salesperson looking to get into recruiting. I told him to call you folks.  And in doing so, tried to remember all the recruiting firms I could in St Louis. 

Here's my list. 

Bradford Galt
Net Effects
Technology Partners
Robert Half
Creatives on Call
Express Personnel
Yoh IT
Comsys (they have a new name)
Elite IT
The Newberry Group
Preferred Resources

Not a bad memory there, eh?  Of course, some of them may be out of business or have new name changes.  So I went to google and found out that Net Effects has their own list of St Louis staffing firms. It's such a neat SEO trick for their website, I helped them out there with the link. 

If you do feel like comments, answer whether or not a 24 year old with two years of sales experience could get a job at your firm calling in and saying something like, "I have a list of 30 firms I'm calling to find out which one will hire someone not afraid to answer the phone."  Is that you? 

What Is The Line Between Sourcing And Stalking?

Social CRM and Social Recruiting are incredible tools for finding candidates and sales prospects.  The amount of data online is so vast, a skilled researcher can find information that is helpful in just about any business capacity. 

But what is the line on that? 

On the coasts, the personal and the professional often blend.  20-somethings utilize Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare services to connect with each other and do business, and the line between their social lives and their office lives is often blurred.  That's not quite the case everywhere, but if you're searching for information on a candidate, you're going to run into their personal information, including photos, comments, and their connections. 

A smart researcher ignores most of this, skimming past irrelevant information like ads on a page, but there are many recruiters who enjoy the voyeresque power of looking into people's lives. I know this because some of them admit it.

There are rules, of course.  Government rules and corporate rules that are supposed to screen out the bad practices, but those are more about lawsuits than what is right or wrong.  You can't legislate right or wrong. 

In all cases, the best advice is to use your head.  If you're a manager, hire people with maturity (don't be fooled by their age), and provide oversight (not micromanagement). We're on the cusp of seeing a lot of lawsuits and news stories about the danger of social recruiting, as the poor economy tends to lead to more people frustrated with the hiring process. 

Just keep your wits about you and don't feed the monster. The benefits outweigh the risks if you have the right employees.  If you have the wrong ones, no rules will matter. 

Express Personnel Presents "Small Business And The Courts" In St Louis

Our friend David Burlis, the owner of Express Personnel, is joining with Eagle Bank to present a small business learning session on the Missouri Plan, the selection of Supreme Court justices, and how that affects Missouri small business. 



The session is Friday, September 16th, from 7:30-9:00 a.m., at the Viking Conference Center in Sunset Hills. 

It includes three current Appeals court judges.