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Advanced LinkedIn Training: August 25th Webinar For Executive Search

New changes to LinkedIn rules and expectations have altered the way we need to talk to candidates on the business social business platform out there.

What you need is a full strategy for using LinkedIn as a hub, not just as a database.  We're providing that August 25th with the Advanced LinkedIn Recruiting Webinar for Executive Search.  Yes, it's a long title, but we want to be specific. 


Here's the link to the advanced webinar.  The registration fee is $100, and you will receive a video download link after the presentation.  

Why is it Advanced? 

This time, we're not talking about how to understand LinkedIn or how to improve a profile. We're talking about the changes, and then walking through a series of my personal recruiting experiences, learning how to integrate not only LinkedIn, but your entire social network to source and recruit candidates. 

How can unmarked Twitter accounts improve your LinkedIn Sourcing? 

How can Slideshare be used to get candidates to respond faster? 

What secrets in profiles of your current employees can be used to identify new employees?

The secrets behind LinkedIn Groups, from a community manager expert

How mobile and location based services can alter your recruiting strategy. 

Why LinkedIn should be the second site that you go to, not the first. 

What I'm talking about can't be taught by social media experts, and it is not known by recruiting experts.  Come learn from the Social Media Headhunter how Social CRM will change the way you look at recruiting. 

Let me reiterate.  This is not a basic program, and it is not just a webinar on how to use LinkedIn.  Half of the material talks about how to use other sites in combination with LinkedIn to be effective.  This is about finding and closing candidates in the post-IPO market.