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Independence Day 2011: Freedom To, Not Freedom From

Today is not just July 4th.  It is Independence Day. 

It represents a leap forward in human progress, a period when a nation was born as an ideal.  Pledging their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor, giants strode among us, risking everything (and many losing it all) to give you the opportunity to live as free men and women. 

Today, you have the freedom to start a business.  You have the freedom to start a family.  You have the freedom to choose your friends, and to advance your prosperity through the application of your talents. You have the freedom to worship as you choose, in the open, without fear of reprisal.  You have the right to assemble and demand your representatives listen to you.  You have the right to say no when a government seeks to take away your firearms, or search you without consent, or even to quarter troops in your home. 

These are not freedoms given to you by a government or a benevolent dictator.  They are not granted by Supreme Court Justices or Acts of Congress and they are not guaranteed by police officers or soliders or corporate executives.

They are the inherent rights of free men, given to them by the Creator.


Whether you choose to exercise those rights, or whether you choose to hand them over to a self-absorbed elite in a far-off capitol is your choice.

These rights exist, but not in a vaccuum.  We created and continue to support a legal framework where the government can not infringe on these rights, no matter how much they deem it for our own good.  

Freedom.  It sure sounds great.  Are you ready for the responsibility? 

Yes, responsibility.  Freedom is the freedom to.... the freedom to do.  It is not the freedom from. 

There is no such thing as freedom from hunger. 

There is no such thing as freedom from unemployment

There is no such thing as freedom from fear.

There is no such thing as freedom from disease.

There is no such thing as freedom from want. 


Today is no different than any other.  Each day is a struggle to survive, and an opportunity to build a better world for our progeny.  No politician has ever been able to provide this for us, and no politician will.  There is only freedom, and the illusion of freedom. 

Make today your day of Independence.