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Resume Tip: Create A Slideshare Presentation, And Tweet It

If you're looking to get found, a good place to spend some time is Slideshare.  In addition to being a good SEO source for your name and location, it forces you to think about what you can offer a company. 

A short, five slide, presentation with the right keywords, title, graphics (anything in Powerpoint or Keynore will do).  Make sure you add the account to your LinkedIn Profile, and consider embedding it to your other profiles, blog, or website as a creative way to get in front of recruiters. 

Here's a short example - used more for sales than getting hired, but it should give you ideas. 


Your goal here is not to rehash your resume.  It's to discuss what you do, highlighting relevant experience.  Think of it as something you could use in front of a hiring manager to sell your employment, instead of sitting there answering questions.  Heck, even if you don't present, discussing why you decided to make a presentation shows a drive lacking in a lot of candidates.  That itself has value. 

One bonus - asking your personal network to share, Like, Retweet, and write about a Slideshare presentation is more useful than asking someone to do the same with your resume or blogpost.  You're not asking people to read your resume, you're offering to give them information. 

Just make sure you add your contact information, and a clear link to what you're looking for.