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2011 LinkedIn Training: Thursday, December 16th.

TO REGISTER FOR 2011 LinkedIn Training: Beyond the Basics.

Class Description: Participate in a step-by-step instruction from the "Social Media Headhunter" on new strategies for using LinkedIn to find and hire candidates for your company. Jim Durbin will demonstrate a point by point walk through targeted for corporate and executive recruiters.

The LinkedIn website is an effective tool for building and maintaining a close network of referrers for employment, but how does that help you hire people faster and with more quality? In an age where the email and voicemail are being replaced with Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn stands out as the professional social network at the center of your recruiting strategy.

LinkedIn remains the top business social network in the world, hosting more than 85 million profiles, including executives from every Fortune 500 company. Growing from its initial recruiting use as a merely an updated database, LinkedIn now is the dominant force in social media recruiting.

In this 90 minute teleseminar you will learn:

  • Updated strategies for 2011 on building a network that values hires and quality referrals.
  • How to connect with prospects inside and outside the platform.
  • How to craft messages that generate responses.
  • How to integrate LinkedIn to all of your social profiles.
  • What to look for in profiles of serious job seekers.
  • To measure and automate performance based on time, prospect flow and successful hires.
  • The keys to marketing using this powerful social media application.

About the Speaker:

Jim Durbin is a headhunter specializing in social media and owner of the Durbin Media Group. As a blogger and business owner, Jim is a frequent and valued speaker on such topics as online employment, recruiting blogs and using social networks in the hiring process. Prior to starting Durbin Media Group, Jim was a top performer as an Account Executive for national staffing firms. Jim is a graduate of Washington and Lee University and currently lives in St. Louis.


Register for this class for this Thursday to learn what is new at LinkedIn and how recent changes affect your ability to search for candidates!