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JavaStl Has New Blog On Chicago Recruiting

How's that for a title that ought to twist you up.

Brad Hogenmiller, affectionately known around the social media world as @JavaStl, has officially started his own social media company and is working on a project for Rehabcare.  Brad's new site is called Spot On Chicago, and it covers recruiting, social media, and occupational therapy in the Chicagoland area

What's cool about this is one - it's another example of a recruiter that is using social media to hire people (and yes, that's his main goal), but it also is a chance for him to dig into a recruiting operation and help transform the way they gather and filter people to hire.

We'll do some interview with him as he goes on - but it's a pretty exciting thing to do, and I wish him all the best.

You can find him at Twitter on http://twitter.com/spotonchicago and Facebook.com (help him get to a hundred fans and he can claim the name.