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Jim Durbin, Social Media Consultant

Do you know how to identify cobbler's kids?  They're the only ones in town without shoes.

My blogs sometimes feel that way, which is why I've been interviewing people to take them over and use them for their own ends.  While much of what we do is still focused on recruiting, 85% of my time has been in social media marketing lately, and I've let the local sites suffer.

You can change that, if you're willing to write.  There's a standing offer on each site to use these for your own personal branding, but as of right now, folks seem more enamored of Twitter than making money.  Go figure.

This is what I've been up to. In 2006, I left my staffing firm and joined my wife's marketing business. I left a comfortable corporate job to strike out on my own and work in a new media company dedicated to improving corporate relationships to online communities.

Today I tap my social network to hire social media experts, train internal resources, execute campaigns, and serve as a sounding board to entrepreneurs seeking to understand how the online world can improve their business.

My company, Durbin Media, is a pioneer in the social media space. We've been at this since January 2006, working with small and microbusinesses, start-ups, and a few carefully chosen national companies. We train corporations and individuals, execute campaigns, we find the people to work for your company as well.