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Giving Away Free Books

I've received a number of books lately, and thought the best way to pass them out was posting them on the blog for you.


The first is something called The Trouble With HR, and it's written by Johnny C Taylor, Jr, and Gary Stern.  I have not read it, as the book came from a publicist, but it does cover some favorite topics of the online employment world, which revolve around HR difficulties.

Personally, I think a lot of the problems with Human Resources are structural (mixing recruiting and benefits, failing to understand HR's role in protecting the company from law suits).  It has conflicting duties, and that makes for difficult roles to fill.

Taylor and Stern argue that good HR departments keep employees around longer, and that can be shown as having a measurable monetary value for the company.

So, if you're in St Louis, and you'd like to get a free book, simply leave a comment below about something you love about Human Resources.  Winner is who I choose based on whimsy that day.