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Stupid Hiring Tricks

Anne from AdSaint had the misfortune to overhear a potential employer discussing her upcoming job interview.  With names changed to protect the guilty, let's just say this is one great blogpost, and a working to shall we say, jackass employers?

I'm not kidding.  Read the whole thing, but here's a snippet.

Man Z: "I did. She is on Linkedin, but all her information wasn't made public. I heard from "D" that he met her once before and said she was cute and outgoing. So, she made the initial cut."

Man X: "Cute and outgoing? Great, did you think to ask him, is she actually smart? "D" for all we know, could have just wanted her number. We don't need another pair of 't!t$' selling a product. If I wanted that, I could call a modeling  agency and fill that order real quick. You remember the crap we had to deal with with "J". Nice gal, not too smart."

Man Z: "G didn't really say. I did ask him age range and some stuff like that though."

Man X: "Oh really, like what?"

Man Z: "Well, I wanted to know how old she is, and he said he thinks in her 20's. He couldn't tell if she was older or younger. He also said she didn't have a ring on her finger. Which is a good and bad thing."

Man X: "How so?"

Man Z: " Well bad in that in those years, women want to get married and have a family and I would rather not carry the slack from that crap. That really bit my ass having to deal with 'J" and then not knowing if she planned to come back or not and then leave us hanging cause she had her meals bought and paid for. Good in that she is single and some of the accounts are men and you and I both know what sells."

[More Laughter]

Here's the scoop.  Let's say Anne was a bit more vindictive, and decided to pull out her Flipcam and record these two bozos.  Considering that 1), they just admitted to age and sex discrimination, and 2) This is a juicy story that the media would love to pick up to trumpet how all men are still pigs and this goes on daily, the footage would go around the world in minutes. Luckily for them, Anne is more interested in getting a job than they exposing two adolescents hoping for a good bonus and a vacation.

Don't read too much into the story, but do be aware - the world is watching.  These two checked up on her LinkedIn profile, but failed to catch that she was an AdSaint writer, and they probably never thought they were being checked up on as well.

Hiring is different these days.  The world is watching.