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Public Relations/Social Media Position (InHouse)

I'm Looking for a St Louis based in-house Public Relations top performer with a heavy dose of working with technology or technical services, who understands how to use social media in tandem with traditional PR.

Harder than it sounds, but easier than it looks, this is a permanent placement with a hot company in downtown St Louis. You have to have PR experience, but you have to pass my social media test also.

Salary is in the 50k range.

Expectations are that you will create press - both online and in trade and newspapers. Constant work - it's a lot more than PR Newswire or press releases to your industry contacts. But it's a sweet job with a sweet company.

Here are the basics

  • Ability to network and interface with trade and local press (local as in every city)
  • Events and Trade Shows
  • Managing online presence (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, networks)
  • Online monitoring
  • Press contacts
  • Content and copywriting press releases and social media releases
  • Integration of public relations and social media job duties
  • Results oriented policies and attention to detail (and you're judged in large part by the employment process).

The Company.

  • One of the most respected in its field
  • Heavy technology focus
  • Top Notch Customer Service
  • Revenues grew five fold last year.
  • One of the best bosses you'll ever have, if you're a hard worker and an entrepreneur (and there's no chance of him being a bad boss, because you wouldn't last long if you're not a hard worker).

If you're interested, contact @smheadhunter.  You should know how to do that.