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St Louis Small Business Bloggers

Part of what I'm working on is helping St Louis create a vibrant business community using social media.  To that end, I want to talk to folks generating results using blogs, Twitter, LinkedIN ,and Facebook. 

Just from tapping my network, I know anecdotally that some people are generating hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue from these sites.  I want to catalogue it

So if you are a recruiter, a small business owner, a salesperson, or just someone using social media to drive revenue, I want to hear about it.  This is not about people who can build an impressive profile.  I want hard numbers, and want to showcase through video and text those who are generating hard numbers. 

Most of the interviews will take place here on StlRecruiting and Brandstorming (my small business blog)  If you'd like to be interviewed, and you are either driving revenue or doing something unique and want the world to know, drop me a line at the email up there on the right.  -Jim