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Brandstorming Store For Small Business Is Live

For those curious as to why this blog is strangely, inactive, I'd like to introduce you to my latest project, a social media training DVD store for small business. The lessons are different than the HR Training store at SMH, as the subject matter is focused almost entirely on small and microbusinesses.

While I've been active in online employment in St Louis and beyond, my firm, Durbin Media has also been engaged in interactive marketing projects for clients. Tapping into my background selling small business marketing, we added the training store to address the lack of relevant information on using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other tools for generating sales.

Social media is a killer app for the small business, but it takes time to learn.  Like my Blogging Boot Camp, the DVD's work as accelerators to that learning curve. 

Take a look, and please consider linking, sharing, or retweeting the store to your audiences.  StlRecruiting now returns to its regular scheduled programming.