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Recruiting Trivia Show

I'm launching a recruiting trivia show, and I want you to be the star.  Starting next week - next Friday probably, we'll be doing a twice monthly show for recruiters and those in online employment.  The show lasts 30 minutes, and will run 11:30-12:00 CST.  

I think recruiters are smart outside of business, and I want to prove it.  So we're going to take the format from Battle of the Halfwits on the Dave Glover show, and make it our own little Recruiting Trivia show.

It works like this - 3 or 4 recruiters will join me on air at BlogTalkRadio, with one judge. I'll introduce everyone, and then launch into three rounds of questions.

Round 1:  Quickfire - Lots of questions in different categories, points vary by difficulty.
Round 2: Referral - questions are a little more difficult, and if you don't know the answer, you can "refer" the question to an opponent.  If they miss it, you get the points, if they get it, they get the points and you lose the points.
Round 3: Wild Card - there can be daily doubles, massive point totals, or creative requests

The winner at the end of three rounds gets to "gift" one of my training DVD's to anyone in the US or Canada.

I have several people lined up, but want to throw it out to the rest of you.  I don't want this to be just people I know.  There is a catch.

These questions can be hard.  We'll have questions on recruiting knowledge, and recruiting pop culture, but we'll also be tackling science, geography, math, history, politics, music, and pop culture.  We're going to test how much you know, so bring your A-Game.

To be considered, leave a comment, email me, Tweet me, or contact me some other way, and we'll get you on the show.