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Recruiting Trivia Show

I'm launching a recruiting trivia show, and I want you to be the star.  Starting next week - next Friday probably, we'll be doing a twice monthly show for recruiters and those in online employment.  The show lasts 30 minutes, and will run 11:30-12:00 CST.  

I think recruiters are smart outside of business, and I want to prove it.  So we're going to take the format from Battle of the Halfwits on the Dave Glover show, and make it our own little Recruiting Trivia show.

It works like this - 3 or 4 recruiters will join me on air at BlogTalkRadio, with one judge. I'll introduce everyone, and then launch into three rounds of questions.

Round 1:  Quickfire - Lots of questions in different categories, points vary by difficulty.
Round 2: Referral - questions are a little more difficult, and if you don't know the answer, you can "refer" the question to an opponent.  If they miss it, you get the points, if they get it, they get the points and you lose the points.
Round 3: Wild Card - there can be daily doubles, massive point totals, or creative requests

The winner at the end of three rounds gets to "gift" one of my training DVD's to anyone in the US or Canada.

I have several people lined up, but want to throw it out to the rest of you.  I don't want this to be just people I know.  There is a catch.

These questions can be hard.  We'll have questions on recruiting knowledge, and recruiting pop culture, but we'll also be tackling science, geography, math, history, politics, music, and pop culture.  We're going to test how much you know, so bring your A-Game.

To be considered, leave a comment, email me, Tweet me, or contact me some other way, and we'll get you on the show.

Fistful of Talent Television

Kris Dunn, whose family hails from where part of my family hails in upstate Missouri, had a new idea.  He wanted to take his group blog, FistfulofTalent, and turn it into something a bit more, exciting.  With the approval of his dark-robed masters at Workforce, he has decided to go Hollywood.

Shudder if you will at the thought of more video on the web, but it's better than anything on so-called Primetime Television.  Animal has a radio show, why can't Kris be the next recruiting Oprah?  I've been honest about my thoughts about FoT.  I think they're the new torchbearers of a reborn ( is the new  They have fun over there, and they educate, and you should check them out.   

FOTv - Show #1 from Fistful of Talent on Vimeo.

-If he can come up with a large enough fee to pay for a SAG membership and some fresh flowers for my dressing room, he might be able to entice me to join. 

Top Recruiters On Twitter

Jim Stroud posts a list of the Top Recruiters on Twitter from TwitterGrader.   I'm Number 2 on the list.

What does it mean?   A couple things. First - recruiter is in my profile settings.  I'm graded highly in Twitter Grader for followers/following numbers, frequency of Tweets, RT's, replies... 

What doesn't it mean?  That I'm a "Top" Recruiter on Twitter.  It means I'm a Top "Recruiter" on Twitter.

There's been a lot of chatter in the last month (more than average) on how social media is a big waste of time  I'm used to hearing that in newspaper columns and from people not in the space, but quite a few comments have started coming from those actually inside the applications. How weird is that?  If you're complaining about social media from within a social media community, chances are you're not getting any value for your time. 

The biggest question is always one of competitive value.  Is time spent inside social media of more value than that spent on the phone or other "traditional recruiting" processes.  Detractors say social media is bunk, because they see people wasting time in social media.  That's a fair cop, but it's not a very bright one.

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MySpace Badge for Social Media Headhunter

If you're in St Louis, and on MySpace or thinking about it, Come Join Me.  I'm

To join MySpace, click on the handy dandy badge. 

MySpace has over 70 million US profiles, and one of the advantages is the site was like a gateway drug. Chances are if someone started a profile there, you can find them either still on the site, or follow their information to other sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and online forums. With 1 in 4 Americans on MySpace, that's a pretty fantastic sourcing pool for recruiters, and I'm teaching them how. As a candidate, I'm looking for folks in marketing, web deveolopment social media, technology, pr, and communications.

Another Tired Entry In The Search Firms Suck Field

There's a new blogger on the scene, a rabble rouser from D.C. whose marketing plan seems to be tearing down recruiters as the scum of the earth. How very unique and original!

The Staffing Advisor, who is a search firm owner in D.C. has a new business model - well, he has a business model where he pays a salary instead of commission and charges only 8% a search, including a policy where a company can hire as many people as they want from submittals and still only pay the original fee.His blog would be classified as hate speech in much of Canada and Europe, if recruiters were a protected class, but we have to cut him some slack, as he actually has a background in recruiting, and isn't just someone off the street with a new model.  He also writes well, and covers topics that are fair to address. But, he is an ass, or to be more correct, his writing is asstastic, which makes it more of a pleasure read than a chance to connect with someone and share best practices.

Bob Corlett is his name, and he's a member of Recruiting Blogs. Bob, why do you hate us so?  Let me address Bob directly.

"Bob, setting aside your bombastic rhetoric, which is only fair, because I've been known to engage in hyperbole myself, what exactly would drive you to insult your fellow recruiters? If your firm really is the wave of the future, and not another gimmicky business model that rewards the owner at the price of the employees, then results should speak for themselves. It's a well known maxim that if you have to tear down your competitors, you probably are hiding your own weaknesses. All that is missing in your blog is a video of you pounding your shoe on your desk. Hmmm - I think I'll make such a video.

Find more videos like this on

Companies may complain about recruiters, but they continue to use us. Making the claim that we all suck is very broad - so perhaps you'd like to name names? As you won't - the complaints, however close they may be to your real feelings, are indeed a gimmick."

So let's go down the route one more time of why lowering fees isn't a long-term successful business model for the rest of the industry.

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