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Kris Dunn, whose family hails from where part of my family hails in upstate Missouri, had a new idea.  He wanted to take his group blog, FistfulofTalent, and turn it into something a bit more, exciting.  With the approval of his dark-robed masters at Workforce, he has decided to go Hollywood.

Shudder if you will at the thought of more video on the web, but it's better than anything on so-called Primetime Television.  Animal has a radio show, why can't Kris be the next recruiting Oprah?  I've been honest about my thoughts about FoT.  I think they're the new torchbearers of a reborn ( is the new  They have fun over there, and they educate, and you should check them out.   

FOTv - Show #1 from Fistful of Talent on Vimeo.

-If he can come up with a large enough fee to pay for a SAG membership and some fresh flowers for my dressing room, he might be able to entice me to join.