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Recruiting Webinar: Search Engine Optimization For The Recruiter?

Updated:  Live Link to Registration

October 29th, I'll be running my fourth installment of the Social Media Headhunter series at Hireability.

This particular training will focus on the use of search engine optimization techniques for recruiters, including primers on what SEO is, how to find SEO candidates, and how to rank highly in search engines for terms relating to your industry.

68% of offline purchases now begin with online searches.

Over 70% of recruiters admit to using a search engine to check a candidate's background prior to an offer.

Search engines are an important part of the way we conduct our business.  We check out salespeople calling us by checking their name in a search engine.  We research vendors, and yes, we check out recruiters before we agree to send them a resume.

Learn how to dominate your niche both locally and nationally.

And if you'd like to see how it's done - do a search for "jim durbin" recruiter.  Last time I checked, I was 18 pages deep on Google.

Also search, "hyperion recruiter," "java swing interview questions," "best st louis headhunter," and "list of st louis staffing agencies."  Notice any sites popping up?

LinkedIn Training for Recruiters October 23

Thursday, October 23rd 7:30 AM

LinkedIn: The World’s Database

MAPSS is thrilled to be able to present a LinkedIn training presentation by leading Social Media Recruiter and Speaker, Jim Durbin.

Jim Durbin is a veteran recruiter specializing in Social Media.  He is an experienced expert in using social media to hire premier candidates. In this 90 minute presentation, Jim demonstrates a step by step walk-through of how to use LinkedIn to source, connect and hire candidates.  If you want to see how effective Jim is at social marketing and SEO, Google “Jim Durbin Recruiter”!

LinkedIn is increasingly becoming the social network of choice for businesses and passive job-hunters.  In an age where e-mail and voicemail can easily be avoided, LinkedIn represents a new and exciting channel that many candidates prefer to use as an initial contact with recruiters. 

The Social Media Headhunter Series is a DVD training regimen based on live walkthroughs of social media tools.  Training is broken into easily understood chapters. 

Video playback by chapter allows for quick review of key points, giving the recruiter access to the information they most need.

Chapters for LinkedIn: The World's Database include:

1) Introduction to LinkedIn
2) Sourcing For Candidates
3) Connecting With Prospects: Messages That Work
4) Checking References Inside LinkedIn
5) LinkedIn Tools and Packages
6) The Salesman's Guide To LinkedIn
7) Do's And Don’ts Review
8) LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn has the potential to be a game changer in the recruiting field.  While most recruiters have signed up for LinkedIn, very few are using the site to hire more people.  Learn from one of the few trainers that runs a desk every day. 

The meeting will be at Doubletree Hotel and Conference Center (click for map).  There is ample free parking. Networking starts at 7:30 AM including a Continental breakfast and the program starts at 8:00 AM.  The program will last 60-90 minutes, followed by a question and answer session, ending at 10:00 AM.

The cost including the LinkedIn DVD is $125.00 for MAPSS members and $150.00 for non-members.  M Firms must buy a minimum of one DVD ticket.  Additional attendees from a MAPSS member firm will be $50.00/person and $75.00/person for non members, without the DVD. Individual attendees must pay at the level including the LinkedIn DVD. Additional copies of the DVD will also be available.

We suggest you take a moment to register now.  This program will sell out and seating is limited!