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Sales Staffing Position

Brent Gobrecht, an executive recruiter in the business of placing recruiters, has a client that is looking for an account executive in St Louis.

Here's the thing - you don't need staffing experience to get the job.  The company is willing to look at professional salespeople to fill the role.

St. Louis Staffing firm looking for a professional individual with 2+ years B2B sales experience in St. Louis. My client does not require the candidate to come from the staffing industry and would look at other industries.
The candidate should be a quick learner and have a strong work ethic with documented success in developing new business and relationships in the St. Louis Area.
If you are interested in hearing more feel free to call him at …..

Brent Gobrecht
Managing Director
Gobrecht Search International, Inc.
T (215) 795 0220
F (215) 754-4258

Server Side Java Developers To Work In Los Angeles

One of the toughest things to find in St Louis are high rates for Java developers. Rates are so often stuck at $40-60, that our best talent often goes to the coasts to find work. 

So when in Rome....A friend and client of mine has a project in Los Angeles, and is looking for smart server side developers who can work on a team to build the back end of an online community.  You will be coding, but you'll also be using your brain. 

The work is about six months (could go longer), and your flights, car, and a $100 per diem (room/board) are included.  Fly in, fly out - spending 8-10 days in LA a month.   

- 1099 contract arrangement
- Around 6 months of work, may go longer
- Payments every 2 weeks

What we're looking for:
- Need Java developers, not "architects."  It's okay if you're an architect, but you're being brought on to code, not plan out.  You have a smart boss and a good plan, so don't worry about nonsense.
- Active coding position
- 3-5 years server-side Java
- Patterns
- Clustering and scalable computing experience
- Nice to have Adobe Flex.  Really nice.
- Team is an Agile team.  We're not looking for people who are into RUP or waterfall design.

If you're interested, shoot an e-mail to, or send me your Skype contact.

St Louis Gas Shortages

I spoke with a gas station owner this morning who told me to fill up, as we should see some gas outages over the next 5 days in St Louis.  We've already experienced this at the QuikTrips (the cheapest gas), as people hurry to fill up their tanks.

Some things to keep in mind.

1) This is temporary.  5 days without gas is not an emergency.
2) Reduce demand by not driving or putting off errands a few days.  If everyone fills up, we'll run out of gas, and then what do you do when an ambulance or fire truck needs gas?
3) Don't complain about high prices.  This is how a shortage works.  If you want lower prices, vote for politicians who actually are willing to do something about gas prices, instead of promising you sunshine and rainbows to fill your tanks.

Dont' write nasty things about gas companies or politicians in my comments unless they're intelligent comments.  I'll mock anyone who rants and doesn't understand basic economics.

Top Notch Linux Support Engineer For Hosting Company

I've got a friend with a high-level hosting company, who happens to be looking for some Linux gurus to come join his support team. 

Can you hack it?  Are you a 'nix snob?  Here's the story. You're going to be working with other superstars, so it's important you bring a lot to the table. The nice part is that you'll love working with this company, and you'll be paid well.

* Associate's degree or Trade School certificate in a related field
* Passion for Linux and Open Source
* Understanding the Customer Support and Enterprise are a state of mind
* Shift flexibility
* Ability to have fun in a hectic environment and put customer needs first
* Strong skills with solution design, solution development, technical performance and networking
* Outstanding problem solving and leadership skills
* Excellent organizational skills and ability to adapt easily
* Superior communication and interpersonal skills and ability to work well within a team

Desired Skills:
* Demonstrated technical Linux administration skills on RedHat Enterprise Linux
* Experience with project leadership, as well as product, services and solutions management
* Experience with Java/JEE application servers, including Tomcat, Resin, and JBoss
* Experience with Ruby on Rails Deployments
* Experience with PHP Deployments
* Experience with local area and wide area network administration
* Experience with Xen/VMWare

-If you're this guy, shoot me a note at socialmediaheadhunter - at- gmail

OCI Joins The YouTube Revolution

Okay, this is pretty funny, and if you're a developer, then it's really, really funny.

OCI, a provider of Java and OOD services, and well-known in St Louis for training classes, has started a YouTube Channel to help in instruction.  It's silly, but it's also informative, and it works for the developers looking to learn.

More companies in St Louis need to start looking at ways to connect with candidates, and this is a good start.  Something to keep in mind - if as a company, you are not involved online, someone is going to come along and fill that niche, and then you'll be paying them for access to the candidate pool.

Good job Kristen. 

Interplay St Louis

The St Louis Blogger's Guild has been hard at work, putting together panels on web technology and social media for their event September 19th and 20th.  Interplay is a mix of music and interactive, and is going to be held in the loop.

Here's a list of some of the panels - which include St Louis Notables like Bill Streeter, Todd Jordan, Matt Homann, and Dana Loesch. 

The conference is here at, but be warned, as every page opens with music.  To cut the music, click on the pause button on the player.

If you are a local blogger, I'd strongly suggest showing up and meeting friends.  One of the best ways to improve your blogging is to take it offline.  And we expect to see a lot of pictures.

St Louis Blogging Boot Camp

I get a lot of requests from small business owners looking to improve their online brand.  For those not in the know, blogging is one of the easiest ways to build a online profile, and in comparison to paying an SEO company or marketing expert to do it, the return on your money is phenomenal.

The problem of course is one of scale.  What might work for a larger company isn't always feasible for the budget of an owner/entrepreneur.  There's also the question of community, as I find a lot of people are excited to start blogging, but can't keep it up without support.

So the result, is the first St Louis Business Blogging Bootcamp.  I'm going to work with 5 companies to show them how to use blogs to increase sales, referrals, and their online presence.

The classes will be conducted online using GoTo Meeting and in-person when necessary, and will be a six week course (one class a week) on how to set up and run a blog.

I need businesses that aren't competitive, and in some ways are complementary.  Some great examples would be real estate, b-to-b sales, b-to-c sales, a recruiter, a car dealer, a furniture store, a mortgage company, and a professional services company like an accountant or financial services person.

I'm hand-picking the class for best fit, and will run other classes in the future, but if you think this is you, contact me through e-mail at

The Use Of Assessments In Third Party Recruiting

Margaret Graziano of KeenHire has an interesting point/counterpoint discussion going on over at the Fordyce Letter.  An old bull of the recruiting game said that the best way to recruit is to get on the phone, call the CEO, and close the deal quickly.

Margaret's response is that assessments should be involved in the front end, not as "another step in the process. When integrated into the employment process, there is no bottleneck.

KeenHire was not created to lengthen the sales, recruitment or closing cycle, it was created to arm 3rd party recruiters with better tools to serve their clients with on the front end. When used appropriately behavioral interviewing (KeenView) places the recruiter as an expert in selection. It sews the recruiter into the selection process and eliminates last minute ‘think about its”. Given the process for effective behavioral interviewing begins with benchmarking the role; the recruiter immediately positions themselves in the key strategic conversations that true account development and management are made of, and frankly is allows for more process control across the board.

Keenhire is an assessment provider and training service, and Margaret has been working to show the staffing world how to use assessments to sell and close more (full disclosure: she was a client earlier in the year, but it not currently).

Why Social Media Matters To Companies

My lecture on the impact of social media stresses the two sides of social media.  The first is the technical aspect, which covers the tools and how they can be used to advance traditional corporate purposes.

But the second piece of social media is the impact is has on companies as a phenomenon.  The public has access to the same tools as the corporations, and what they are doing as a group is dwarfing what companies are or even can do.

  What does that mean?  It means that the tools can be tracked with your typical technology charts, where early adopters, and fast seconds, and finally, mass use and monetization are the order of the day, but it would be a mistake to group social media in with other technological revolutions.

The difference is human need. Social media covers six basic human needs in a way no other technology does.  In the mass movements I'm talking about, technology is already adopted, and the change now is the way in which the user base is altered by the technology.

Don't take my word for it.  Listen to Tony Robbins describe his version of the six basic human needs, and think about how the fit into social media.

  1. Certainty
  2. Variety
  3. Significance
  4. Connection
  5. Growth
  6. Contribution.

Whether or not your a Robbins fan, you can see that social media gives people more than just technical tools.  It enables wide-spread relationships that fulfill needs that aren't filled in the workplace or home. I was an account manager for a staffing firm, whose company saw me as just someone to fill a role.  I wanted more, and social media gave me all six needs in a way my job didn't.

This is true for Mom blogs, business and marketing blogs, pr and recruiting networks, twitter friends, politically minded citizens, knitting bloggers, and kids in communities Club Penguin and Webkinz and World of Warcraft.

It's  a mistake to see social media as just talking.  Yes, lots of businesses are misusing or failing to understand social media, but the real cutting edge is in the user base, and that's altering the way we communicate to our customers, vendors, and employees a lot faster than our internal social media programs.