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Human Resources Groups In St Louis

I was supposed to attend a presentation of the HRPS yesterday, which is the Human Resources Planning Society, and it got me thinking about all of the groups that are out there just for the HR folks.

There's HRPS, which I hadn't heard of before, but just had the event at Express Scripts.  There's  NHRA, which does the lunchtime speeches.  There's SHRM, which is the big national one that has all the trade shows.   There's HRMA, the Human Resources Management Association, which has a social network of sorts.

Any others I'm missing in the Lou'?

Lance Launches HRMToday

Lance Haun, the writer behind Your HR Guy, diversified his blogging portfolio with the launch of last week. is going to be focusing on issues HR Professionals are dealing with on a daily basis. There are going to be two differences between my current site and the new site:

  • HRM Today won't be centered around career advice like my current blog. It will be a site for and by HR professionals to interact and talk about today's issues.
  • HRM Today is a multi-user platform allowing any HR professional who wishes to participate to share their blogs with a focused audience. Whether that be through cross-posting, promoting current blog postings or writing blog postings on their customizable author pages.

Congratulations, Lance.  I look forward to reading more.

Captiva Developer Maryland Heights

Iris Consulting is looking for a Captiva FormWare Developer to place on site at a client in Maryland Heights.  Wee're looking at 3 years of Formware and experience with RightFax.

Captiva makes software solutions for document information processing and data capture from paper and electronic documents and provides related services. Information in the form of extracted content and files are acquired in the Captiva Solution and then delivered for storage or workflow document management systems. Source - Wikipedia

The position is a contract position through a third party consulting firm, which applies a fixed rate to your salary to give you the best rate.  The position asks for some experience working at ESI in the past.  It's perfect for someone whose worked on Captiva software there before, but that's not the only requirement.

If you're interested, send an e-mail to me at, with the title, "Captiva Developer," and I'll contact you.

I'm looking for a list of interview questions, and will post the relevant information here as an update. 

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A New Feature: Iris Job Postings

One of projects I train staffing firms on is the use of the internet to draw in qualified candidates for free.  As a part of a pilot program, I'm working with a company out of Minnesota called Iris Consulting.  They are Tier One Vendors for Express Scripts in Maryland Heights, and they've been very successful with their hiring methods.

The Iris Consulting philosophy is simple.  They have a single fixed rate they charge on top of a contractor's salary, which enables them to place contractors at client companies at higher salaries than most competitors.  In other words, if you want to work at a client company as a contractor, you go to Iris, and they'll get you a better salary then if you worked through another firm.

The second piece of the puzzle is they only hire quality contractors.  They don't have the pressures of a public firm, or even that of account managers and recruiters who need to pay their own salaries, which means they don't just grab resumes and shuffle them off to a client.  If you're a good fit, they'll work with you to get you the job.  They'll also introduce you to other high quality contractors that help you build a strong social network for future placement. 

StlRecruiting remains my blog.  They will have no input into content, and we are not being paid to talk about them.  Instead, I'll  be working as a sourcer for them, identifying key talent in the St Louis Marketplace and helping them establish a web presence for that recruiting.  To do that, I'll be posting their jobs and filtering resumes  If you want to work in a contract position in the mail order pharmacy business, Iris's position as a Tier One Vendor means they get the jobs first, and their salary structure lets you make more.

As I said, this is a pilot project.  I'm speaking with several firms in town (and out), about ways to use blogs to hire local candidates.  I'll be reporting on our success (or failure), as it occurs. 

Adding Yourself As A St Louis Candidate

My Sendouts database is live, and I'm now accepting resumes for St Louis searches.  I'm focused on social media, which includes SEO, SEM, social media, Web Analytics, e-commerce, and related fields like graphic design and UI design, but I do take the occasional search from friends and former colleagues?

How does this benefit you the reader?  Simply use this link to add yourself to my database and update your profile.  Sendouts notifies me each time it happens, and I regularly go through those messages to see who added their name.

I am a recruiter, which means I work for the client (who pays me). I can't be a career counselor, but if your skills match a search I'm working on, I'll be contacting you for sure. To add your name and upload a word or text resume, follow this link to the Social Media Headhunter database, and be sure to follow the Social Media Headhunter blog  or the Twitter feed.

Speaking At The ISA With Recruiting Friends

The Green Lantern won't be there, but it seems everyone else will.  The Illinois Staffing Association is holding a Summer event, and I'll be there speaking with Bill Vick, Margaret Graziano, Sendouts, and Talent Drive.

The event is June 19th in Chicago, and I'll be up there on the 18th downtown (if you're there, drop me a line and we'll catch a coffee at a Cosi). For information, check out the Illinois Staffing Association website.

I'll be giving my popular presentation on Using Social Media Tools to Recruit. 

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Monsanto Hiring A Social Media Specialist

I was pleased and surprised to see that Monsanto is looking to hire a social media specialist. It's a position in their Public Relations department (a good place for a social media specialist), and it's a good sign for my recruiting practice in social media that companies are looking to hire these positions with these titles.  A list of some of the duties are not bad.


  • Monitoring and tracking of online media, blogs, and social media sites
  • Analyzing and reporting on trends in online discussions
  • Working with internal and external communication teams to develop social media outreach strategies
  • Working with internal teams to consult and educate on new online developments and tools
  • I even like the Monsanto colors on the text (it's good branding).  What I don't like is the rest of the job description, which  pretty clearly lays out that this is an entry-level position where your job is basically that of an intern.  It seems someone at Monsanto has bought into the idea that hiring a 23 year-old with one year's experience and a knowledge of that "social media stuff" is a good way to get involved.

    This is a common mistake for companies, who assume (wrongly) that young means social media savvy. it's also a way to pay very little for important research.

    The  skills needed?

  • Do you have a Bachelor's degree or equivalent professional experience
  • 1 or more years of relevant professional experience
  • Translation:  We want to hire someone cheap who can monitor blogs for us and we'll call them our social media expert.  We don't want to hire a new college graduate, but we don't want to pay much.  Here's the problem.

    I can't tell if Monsanto has their own blogs - if they do, they are poorly optimized and need some professional help, as they don't show up in a search.  What I do know is that Monsanto is a favorite target of environmental activists, and considering the impact of Monsanto on the agricultural world, it's astounding that they don't have a full social media strategy in place.

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