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BlogTalkRadio With Harry Joiner

Harry Joiner and I will be live on the Career Conversation Blog Talk Radio program with Elizabeth Lengyel.

We'll be live at 7:00 CST talking about how to get found in a Web 2.0 world. This program is primarily for job seekers, but it's also good for recruiters who want to know how to source.

Elizabeth Lengyel, our host, is a career expert at Her show prep is listed at her site.

If you or someone you know         is looking for a job – or just getting started – don’t         miss my next Career Conversation Radio Show!
My special guests are:
Jim Durbin, VP of Social Media -- Specializes in social media consulting,         web design and development, and branding,
Harry Joiner, The Marketing Headhunter -- Specializes in integrated marketing and new         media,

Key takeaway: How to use marketing and social media tools to catch the eye of top-notch recruiters!

Harry should have been the first guest.

Karen Goodman: RealEstateInfoStl and St Louis Realty Blogging

The following is an interview with Karen Goodman, a real estate agent in St Louis whose taken to blogging.  Her site is

1) How long have you been blogging?  What got you started?

Last July I switched real estate brokers from one that provided me with all of my clients to a traditional real estate brokerage. With the change, I knew it would be necessary for me to start marketing my services to build my business. I wanted to do more than simply send out announcements to my sphere of influence, and I had no desire to knock on doors of FSBO sellers trying to convince them to work with me. From the start, I knew I would need to set up a website. I honestly had no idea what a blog was and how it could be used to market my services. I had heard the term thrown around on TV newscasts, but had never read one.

My website provider, Point 2, includes a blog that is integrated into the website. As I learned more about blogs, I knew that it was a perfect fit for me. I’ve always enjoyed writing, and helping people learn about their options is important to me.  I knew that writing a blog would be a perfect opportunity to provide information to my clients and potential clients, and to show them how I do business. I launched my website in November, and wrote my first blog post a couple of weeks later.

2) Do you get many leads from what you write? 

I don’t have any hard numbers on how many of my clients have come from the blog yet. I do know that several clients have commented that they spent some time on my website and blog before they decided to use me, and that they were impressed with what they found there. Three of my recent home buyers found me after seeing an online ad for one of my listings, then clicking through to my website and spending some time there. All of them were relocating to St. Louis, and relied on the internet to help them choose an agent.

3) What do you try to focus on?  Do you write for business, or do you write because it's enjoyable?

My blog is definitely a business blog, and I’m writing it to build my real estate business. My goal is to provide a resource for my clients and for potential clients. I’m trying to reach the people I meet through my other marketing efforts and those referred to me from friends and former clients. I want to have a place that these people can read up on real estate issues and learn about how I do business. I hope that if they are on the fence about making a decision on who to use for a buyer’s agent, they’ll read my posts and decide to give me a shot.

For now, I’m not really trying to capture all the search engine traffic. As much as I’d love to have tons of people reading my blog, I know that my focus on real estate issues and St. Louis market conditions will have limited appeal. But I will admit that it is fun to check out the search terms that people are using to find my site, and to discover that I’m number one on Yahoo’s search for ‘st louis homes for sale’.

Oh, and I do love writing. I’ve never really had an outlet before for my writing so it’s been a lot of fun.

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Extreme Jim Durbin On Recruiting TV

Bill Vick, a true gentleman and a scholar, interviewed me for Extreme Recruiting TV, and the results can be seen here.  I talk about my work in using social media to recruit.

Jim Durbin - Social Media Consultant
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Just recently, Bill also interviewed Don Breckenridge, President of, an Applicant Tracking Software System I use which happens to be based out of St Louis.

Facebook Webinar Feedback

I finished the webinar, but had a gap in the middle where we lost connectivity with the audio.  There is a video playback available for those who registered, and they are editing the gap out, but I want to hear what your thoughts are. This is also important for those of you who didn't get a chance to view the presentation live, or who failed to get the sign-up e-mail.

I've offered to redo the webinar and record it so people get a clean presentation, and I'm considering recording it for myself for sale on the site.  If I do that, I'll be offering it to everyone who registered. It's important to me that you all feel like you got real value from my work.

That said, it went fairly well.  It wasn't my best performance, as I got a little rattled trying to back up and cover information.  I encourage your feedback, both positive and negative.  I will only edit cursing - everything else if fair game.   And if you have specific questions or want to know more, feel free to follow up with me.

Thank you to all who attended.  From what the said, it was the largest webinar Hireability has done so far.

Next up:  MySpace Recruiting in June, and In July, Social Media 2.0 tools in Recruiting.  We're going to be tackling Twitter, Click to Call, Squidoo Lenses, and StumbleUpon.

Mark Berger Profiled At Extreme Recruiting

I'm constantly amazed at just how much staffing talent is in St. Louis.  We're a hub of recruiting gurus, from Paul Hawkinson to, uh, Jim Durbin (heh) to Mark Berger.

No seriously, St Louis has a lot of recognized specialists in this industry, and one, the above referenced Mark Berger, is profiled at Bill Vick's Extreme Recruiting TV today.

Look for me on Extreme Recruiting TV in June.

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Animal Show Leads To More Radio Appearances

My appearance on the Animal show was well-received, and I want to thank everyone who sent such nice notes.  As such things are wont to do, it led me to another appearance on Blog Talk Radio, this time with Elizabeth Lengyel, the people coach.

That's cool enough, as it's a big audience, and different than most of our recruiting folks, but there's a surprise in store. My good friend Harry Joiner, the marketing headhunter will be, uh, joining me - on the show, as we talk about online profiles and how to get found by recruiters.

Elizabeth's audience is very diverse, and reflects the new ethos of taking charge of your career. You take Harry's brilliance in this manner and my experience in self-promotion and you have a pretty good show.

Career Conversations with the Marketing Headhunter and the Social Media Headhuter.  It will be May 29th at 7:00 P.M. CST, and of course it will be available for download.

Engineers Can Sell

Got a nice note and a plug from a blogger looking to build a website for sales engineers.  He wrote some nice things about me after a conversation earlier this year.

And his blog is cool - and targeted.  Engineers Can Sell, by Eric Bono.

When I was pondering starting this blog I talked to as many people as I could. One gentleman that kept coming up as a recommendation was James Durbin of Durbin Media.  I emailed him for a quote on designing and setting up the blog site for me.

We talked on the phone for about an hour and by the end of the conversation James recommended that I take a stab at designing the blog by myself to not only learn the process, but to reduce costs until I was sure that I had a sustainable Web presence - which can take a year to determine. He further offered to have me email him when I had it set up so that he could take a quick peek and offer any suggestions.

One suggestion, Eric - where's your name on the blog?  It's important to let people know who you are.  For more advice on candidate niche blogs, go read Good Product Manager.

Social Media Candidates For The SMHeadhunter

I want to talk to you.

If you are looking for a social media job in St Louis in the following areas:

Social Media
Web Analytics
Online Marketing

I'm building my database, adding candidates, and actively reaching out to clients with these needs.  Here's the thing - I do what you do, which means you'll be working with a recruiter that understands the technology and the marketing piece of your business.  But it also means that I understand the technology and marketing piece, which means you won't be snowing me with industry jargon.

Some of these jobs are in St Louis - some are elsewhere - I won't be doing relocation for contingency search, but I will work with remote candidates in the right areas, and I have clients on both coasts, north and south.

So if you're in St Louis and want to be in touch with the Social Media Headhunter, e-mail me or subscribe to the blog,  Follow me on twitter at, or check me out on Skype at smheadhunter.

Right now - if you an SEO consultant, I have some options for you.  So don't be surprised if I call.