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BlogTalkRadio With Harry Joiner

Harry Joiner and I will be live on the Career Conversation Blog Talk Radio program with Elizabeth Lengyel.

We'll be live at 7:00 CST talking about how to get found in a Web 2.0 world. This program is primarily for job seekers, but it's also good for recruiters who want to know how to source.

Elizabeth Lengyel, our host, is a career expert at PeopleCoach.com. Her show prep is listed at her site.

If you or someone you know         is looking for a job – or just getting started – don’t         miss my next Career Conversation Radio Show!
My special guests are:
Jim Durbin, VP of Social Media -- Specializes in social media consulting,         web design and development, and branding, www.DurbinMedia.com.
Harry Joiner, The Marketing Headhunter -- Specializes in integrated marketing and new         media, www.MarketingHeadHunter.com.

Key takeaway: How to use marketing and social media tools to catch the eye of top-notch recruiters!

Harry should have been the first guest.