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Michael Homula Webinar: Wednesday March 26th

Michael Homula, one of the foremost recruiting trainers in the country, is hosting a free webinar at HCI this week.

        You Have The Names:  Now What?  Moving Beyond Name Generation and Sourcing to Active Recruiting

The promise of the internet has delivered many wishes, including granting access to thousands of names and contact numbers for potential candidates to daily-grind recruiters everywhere. Recruiting is really about building relationships, and yet the art and science of what to do with those names, how to influence candidates and shepherd them through the recruiting process, even how to hold the initial conversation, is still a secret of the top echelon of strategic talent management professionals.

Has the technique of opening a dialogue with a potential candidate eluded your grasp? Or perhaps are you ready to make more successful cold-calls? Is your recruiting team able to effectively convert names on a spreadsheet to hires behind desks? In this webcast we'll hear from an award-winning recruiter and trainer on how to move beyond simple name generation and into active recruiting.

I had over 250 people at my webinar, and if there is any justice, Michael will have 4 times that.  Learn how to take words and lists and put them into action.


Chameleon IS Looking For Program Recruiter

My friend and fellow blogger, Mike Tiffany, is looking to hire a recruiter to help staff some large government contracts.

We're adding another recruiter to our staff at Chameleon Integrated Systems.  This recruiter will be dedicated to filling positions on three of our programs in the Washington DC and Kansas City areas.

Attention to detail.  Able to follow strict governmental procedures and processes. Independent minded, not requiring daily management.  Must keep up with paperwork and on-line systems. MUST BE ABLE TO PIPELINE RECRUIT.

  Prefer someone working out of our St Louis office but could work from home in KC or Washington DC.

In real simple terms - he needs a real recruiter who can self-manage.  Mike is a great guy to work with - as a boss, it doesn't get much better.  He's even a blogger.  To contact,  send an e-mail to

Referring A Website To Someone With SQL Database Experience

I just spoke with a possible client that needs a website.  The website is primarily used by clients to update information, and the forms are all attached to a big SQL database.  We can handle the design and the copywriting, but we're not as comfortable working with the database.

They're going to need someone who can get in there and determine if they can the site running, or if they need to rebuild everything.  There's going to be ongoing maintenance, as they often have changes.

If you are or your company are experts in this field, and you're the kind of people I would like, please contact me and we'll put you in touch with the client.

Don't Spam Me

Normally I don't mind people sending me press releases and notes about their work. I'm not as sensitive as some bloggers, because I'm constantly looking for content.

But don't send me an invitation to your private Beta, and tell me:

"As requested, here is your invite to join the Beta."

That makes you a liar and spammer. 

1.  Send me a note.
2. Tell me you read my blog or heard about me.
3.  Tell me which blog you were reading
4. Don't send multiple invitations to the same address.

Is that too much to ask?  You know who you are.

Experienced Recruiter/Branch Manager/Sales Manager Hits St Louis Market

Got a note from an experienced recruiter that he's on the market.  If you want someone to run your office and manage a team, especially if you don't have a team and need to build one he's your guy.

Experienced in Information Technology Staffing, Executive Search, Sales, and Operations.

Drop me a note if you want to know who it is.

I put this up on Twitter too - we'll see which is faster for responses.  To follow me

Working To Improve The St Louis MarketPlace

I had an interesting conversation with some people from the RCGA today. There is a project they are working on called, which is designed to bring together companies, government, colleges, and high schools to work on promoting and recognizing the St Louis region for its success in attracting and retaining IT talent.

We may not be as flashy as Austin, Seattle, or Silicon Valley, but St Louis has been a growth city for IT for some time, largely the result of our educated workforce and our reasonable standard of living.$120K salaries sound great until you have to buy a house that starts at $1,000,000. Thus, St Louis looks very good for those looking to raise a family or just have a home with a yard.

Citigroup, Mastercard, Enterprise, Anheuser-Busch, Monsanto, AGEdwards (now Wachovia), Edward Jones, Express-Scripts, Maritz, and AT&T all have large IT support staffs that fit much better in a Midwest mentality than a coastal one.  The challenge, is the same as it is everywhere in the US.  We just aren't good at hiring.

So while speaking to the RCGA, my mind started going in several directions on local efforts to improve employee-candidate communication.  The success of StlRecruiting has largely been the success of Jim Durbin and Durbin Media Group.   What happens if we can take this site, and turn it into more of a social networking site for the region?  I mapped in my head a strategy to build clusters of candidates around certain industries.  Imagine being a recruiter able to fish in a talent pool of all of the local talent in a particular discipline (Java programmers, business analysts, product managers, etc.).   I know how to make this happen - I've done it on a national level before, and have been working on local versions for the last two years.

The question comes down to, as it always does, Time and Money.  Given six months, I could change the face of Information Technology hiring in St Louis.  But who would put food on the table for my family while I did that?  Companies might be interested in sponsoring something like this, but the return on investment would be region-wide, and thus any company contributing dollars and or publicity is giving a free ride to companies who aren't involved.

Building social networks around local areas is my version of local recruiting blogging on steroids.  The only question is whether another city (or someone else locally), beats me to it.  Maybe I'll go check those Powerball numbers.

Missouri Hotels Job Blog

I like to poke around with Indeed to see what jobs pop up in blogs and social media, and it led me to this delightful niche recruiting site, Don't you need me in your network?.  Sourcing 4 the Hotel is the url for a recruiter for Hewitt Associates who places people at hotels like Marriott and Residence Inn, and one of those metro areas is St Louis.

That's awesome.  The site has been active since October 2007, and I can only hope that the recruiter is making huge bucks off of it.

It's simple, but it's all you need.  Sometimes, simple is enough

Advanced Video Recruiting From The Ukraine

You don't have to understand Ukranian to know what this video is about.  The video quality may not be the best, but the message is clear.  They want you to join the team.

What's said is that this video is a more advanced use of social media than 99% of the attempts to hire put out by US Corporations.  For more on the Ukranian Army recruiting strategy, head on over to Strategy Page.

hattip:  Instapundit