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Social Media Webinars For Recruiting

I have three webinars coming up in the next month.  The first will be February 19th at 12:00 CST for the Human Capital Institute. The topic I'll be covering is Talent Scouting and Social Networking: The New Employee Referral program.  To register for the 60 minute webinar, click on that link.   

The second event is the Recruiting Tour De Force,  March 6th and 7th, where I'll be presenting with Shally Steckerl and Margaret Graziano  We had a successsful event in San Antonio at the NAPS conference, and we're revisiting the event on the topic of What's Next For Recruiting.  Shally, Margaret and I cover the hot trends in recruiting from the standpoint of practioners.

No dull theory here.  We'll teach you how to make money and hire more people.  The cost of the event is $89.97, and you can sign up at either of the links below, or by sending me an RSVP to

Shally has the event linked for the 6th here, and the 7th here. Margaret writes about it today on her KeenHire blog.

To help us out, link the post or make an annoucement on your own page.  I'll be happy to link back to anyone who advertises the events and sends me a note. 

For more on the first seminar, go the main page on Talent Scouting.

As citizens of the 21st century are accustomed, digital communication methods (social networking, email, text messaging) are often criticized as somehow lazy or sub-par to face-to-face introductions and meetings and hand-written letters. In the pre-webcam days, that might have been true. The reality of today is that most of us have more "friends" in their social networking circles than in our holiday greeting card lists, not because one activity decreased or slid into oblivion, but because a new activity- interacting virtually- increased. Innovative employers have recognized this, and are leveraging it to find other new employees- and they want them to be just like those "Top Friends" of yours. What are the best ways to maximize on your employees' networking activities? How can you turn those activities into successful hires? Join us for a webcast on this topic as we explore best practices to increase your quality candidate flow through employee referrals. Social media is an all-encompassing term for the Web 2.0, covering blogs, social networks, podcasts, and video sites. The goal of social media is to identify clusters of customers and like-minded professionals online and to communicate with them in a joint effort to give and receive value online. Using lessons familiar to every successful recruiter, Jim Durbin shows businesses how to identify, connect with, source from and join social networks online for maximum advantage and minimum risk.