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Privacy SmackDown: Jigsaw Versus Privacy Expert

Dennis Smith is one cool dude.  In addition to writing the wirelessjobs blog, he flys around the country doing good wherever he an.  I'm not saying he's Superman, but I don't know anyone who can honestly say they've seen Dennis in the same room with the Man of Steel (I'd note that nobody reports Michael Kelemen being in the same room as Aquaman, either).

Where's Dennis to be found this Spring?  The ERExpo in San Diego, of course.  Dennis, the voice of reason and moderation, is, uh, moderating a debate between the CEO of Jigsaw and a Privacy Expert.  The debate will focus on Jigsaw's use of business information, which is highly valuable to salespeople, with the desire of some people to remain private.  Jigsaw says information is available everywhere - they're just aggregating it.  The privacy expert will undoubtedly say that Jigsaw is profiting off information "owned" by other people.

So the question that's out there.  Can we hide our information, or are we just fooling ourselves.  A reporter decided to try and live for just a week without giving out his private information, and the reports aren't good

Does information yearn to be free?  And do we have an expectation of privacy?