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Legal Questions On Blogs? Turn To St Louis Blawggers

A blawg is a blog written by a lawyer.  Clever, isn't it?  In St Louis, we happen to have several practicing and recovering lawyers who write blogs.  Of the practicing lawyers, I've met two, and I figured I'd give them a shot in the arm today.

Dennis Kennedy:  Dennis is a technology lawyer for Thompson Coburn, and a genuinely nice guy. His entire site is helpful, and he's an excellent networker to find other law blogs.

George's Employment Blawg: George Lenard is an employment lawyer with Harris Dowell & Fisher, and he's been the defacto legal expert for the recruiting blog community.  His site regularly covers matters of employment, hr, compliance, and of course, blogging.  He also aggregates stories from around the legal blogosphere in helpful RSS feeds.  George has been featured in Time Magazine, Fast Company and several other publications.

Both are top notch lawyers with fine blogging credentials.