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81 People Signed Up For My Webinar

So who wants to be number 82?

I'm doing a free webinar with the Human Capital Institute on how to use social media to recruit.  I'm just finishing up the slides, and this is not one you'll want to miss.

How to Use LinkedIn the right way (it's not what you're seeing now)
How to Use Facebook to recruit top talent with employee referrals
How to Use MySpace to improve your sourcing
The care and feeding of blogs as referral sources
The use of cell phones to improve your candidate pool.

And that's it.  It's all the time we'll have.  The link for the program is here, with the corporate explanation, and a link to register 81 people are on board.  I want to break 150, so if you haven't signed up, get to it.  It's noon- 1p.m. CST online, and it's free.