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TechDirt Insight Commmunity Gold Level Expert

In social media news, I've been awarded the Gold Level Expert over at the Techdirt Insight Community, the highest level awarded for information provided to companies looking for advice on cutting-edge technologies.

My area of expertise is of course social media, but the Insight Community covers everything from mobile marketing to telecommunications to high-tech software and market information.  Check for yourself at

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James Durbin - Techdirt Insight Community Expert In addition, we've also rebranded Durbin Media. Franki decided she liked this cool, more modern look, so the next time you see me, ask for one of our cool business cards, and check out the new site at If you're looking for a social media consultant in St Louis, or just want some blogging advice from an expert, contact us to set up a meeting. We specialize in online marketing, working with all companies interested in blogs, social networks, and social media. Check out the Brandstorming blog for advertising and marketing information.