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In Which I Take Canada By Storm

For those of you in the habit of reading Canadian newspapers, you might have received a shock today - or been confused.

Yes, that's me in the Toronto Globe and Mail, having a little fun at the expense of the office birthday cake party.  Yes, it says Jason Durbin, but that's because I told the reporter about Jason Davis, and after talking to me, he must have confused the two.

The ceremony itself might only take a quarter of an hour; it's what happens afterward that drags down output. "You get all that frosting in your belly and it basically puts you in a coma," said Jason Durbin, a St. Louis, Mo.-based recruiter. "I hate sheet cakes. But I don't have much willpower. You put one in front of me and I'm going to eat it. And then I'm going to want a nap."

By the way - the call came to me, as they often do, when reporters read something in one of my blogs, or are referred to me by a blog reader.  I've been in about a dozen media publications in the last 18 months because of my blogging, and can trace over $100,000 in revenue to those appearances.  It's one of the measurable aspects on the ROI of blogging.

For those that are counting.  And yes - sometimes they're silly - like birthday cake, but you know what they say about publicity.