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RehabCare College Recruiting Blog

It's not an official launch yet, but I'm bursting with pride with our latest client blog launch, the Rehabcare Campus Relations blog

The Campus Relations team at Rehabcare is a sourcing division for Rehabcare, a provider of physical rehabilitation services that hires occupational therapists, speech therapists, and physical therapists nationwide.  It's a tough job - healthcare shortages affect every company, and the lack of graduates often means intense competition for the 19,000 therapy graduates each year.

So when I met Barb Wallace at the Koppen Group back in June, it made sense to talk about how a student relations blog could help them maintain contact with prospective employees.  They are still in the infancy - the beta stage if you will, but I think of you head over there, you'll be more than surprised to see just how well they took to this blogging, Web 2.0 thing.

So be kind - and leave comments, if you would.  And of course link them, especially if you are in the college recruiting, medical, or sourcing space (they do reciprocal links, but only within reason), and  if you want to interview them, or e-mail them, or try something new - they're ready to say hello to the blogopshere.  And yes, it's a Typepad site. All of my sites are, these days.  If you're curious how social marketing media is done -  pop on over to

New Position At iBridge Solutions

Jasen Morisaki has a new position he's trying to fill - it's not a straight recruiter position - and it was interesting enough to post.  It's called a consulting manager, and they're looking for a recruiting or salesperson whose tired of making cold calls, but happens to be really good at candidate management.  The position will basically be a liaison between the company and the contractors.

It's a salaried position:  $50,000 plus bonus - so less than hotshot recruiters make, but a different job.  I know a lot of people who might jump at it.  The description is below the fold.  Interested people can apply at iBridge.

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Carnival Of The Recruiters I

Lunchlady_2 Welcome one and all to week one of the Carnival of the Recruiters.  The theme this week is a perennial favorite of Adam Sandler fans, and  for anyone who learned the secret to getting the extra chicken strip or free tater tots, well, this should bring up memories. 

Today's posts come from around the Recruiting Blogosphere, with some new voices who entered at the CotR homepage.

Next week, the carnival will be hosted by Paul DeBettignies, so make sure you're sending in your entries by this Friday to the MNHeadhunter. And as a special surprise, if you finish off all of your tasty lunch, there's a special video dessert at the end for you.

For with no further adieu, I present your carnival.

Taters Tator Tots and Fish Sticks: Jason Alba  spends his time at the deep fryer, deep in thought on what he wishes Recruiter knewLots of people responded to that one.

Cheese Pizza (Cheese pizza that is)
:  Joel Cheeseman continues his Sysiphean effort to bring to justice all companies with -ster in their name.  In this case, Joel questions the privacy settings for Jobster.


Spaghetti and Meatballs and Garlic Bread
:  Mike Tiffany delivers a solid meal beloved by all with his description of the differences between selling projects and selling staffing.

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Branch Manager And Recruiting Positions

Got a call from Brent Gobrecht  - he's a staffing recruiter with two St Louis positions, and he was curious about referrals in the St Louis area.

1) He's looking for a senior IT Recruiter to work with an established firm.

2) He's looking for a non-selling branch manager.  No quotas for you, but they do expect you to go on sales calls with your AM's as part of your job duties. This is a fully staffed team - not just two or three people.

Looking for a Non-producing Branch Manager to oversee both a recruiting and sales team for a $100+million dollar national IT staffing firm.  Person will be responsible to oversee an established branch in St. Louis.  Person should have 5 + years sales experience within the IT industry with at least a year of management or mentoring.

If this fits you, give Brent a call (215) 795 0220 and tell him where you heard about the job: 

Find high quality Bilingual jobs at

Carnival Of The Recruiter Deadline: Today at 7:pm CST

The Carnival of the Recruiters deadline is coming.  I have about a dozen submissions so far.  These are the best of posts, mashed together into one big meaty stew of bloggy goodness.

The theme will be The High School Cafeteria, and I'll be categorizing your posts as those favorites from the lunch lady.

If you're still interested, send me an e-mail with the link to our favorite post of the week, your name, and your blog title.  The e-mail link is up there on the right.  Alternately, you can submit here to the Carnival homepage.

The Carnival debuts Tuesday morning.

Next week's host will be Paul DeBettignies from MNHeadhunter, and after that, Jason Alba from JibberJobberRecruiting Animal will host on the 21st, which means we just need someone for the 14th.  These will appear on a carnival page, soon.

Get those entries in, so I can make them into entrees.

Where Did You Go To School?

It's a common joke/point of contention/useful social lubricant in St Louis to greet strangers with the question of where they went to school.  For those not native to the River City, this question is often perplexing, due mainly because the answer to the question is supposed to be what high school you went to.

That may seem quaint (and often annoying) to people from outside of St Louis, but it's a local question with a purpose. With one question, the questioner can determine your religion, socio-economic status and political beliefs.

How you answer the question matters as much as the question itself.  Your tone, your reaction, and your promptness in answering what high school you went to says volumes about who you are, even when the answer, is "out of state."

This piece should explain some of it.  St Louis is a town of neighborhoods.  It's always been that way. But for those nose in the air types from around the country, perhaps you ought to take a look at your own ways of branding strangers.

Los Angeles:  What's your area code? (and what kind of car do you drive).  Having a 626 phone number is like having a cold - no one wants to shake your hand until you've improved your situation.  310?  Nice.  818?  Ewww.

If you live further South, say in Orange County - you can tell where you live by how you answer.  Newport, Costa Mesa and you say Newport or Costa Mesa.  If it's Anaheim or Santa Ana, the correct answer is Orange County.

New York:  Are you a bridge and tunnel guy, or one of those yuppies in Greenwich?  When you say you live in NYC, do you mean Manhattan?  What number?  The 60's?  The 80's?   Are you in the Bronx or Brooklyn?

Tampa, Florida:  Tampa, or Clearwater?  Pinellas or St Pete, or Indian Rocks?  Brandon, or Hyde Park?

D.C.:  Republican or Democrat.  What kind of Republican?  Fiscal or Social?  Hawk or Religious?  Blue Dog or Union? 

The truth is that human beings label each other. In St Louis, for many years, they high school you went to was a convenient way of ascertaining what someone was like without coming out and saying, "How rich were your parents and do you like a Pope or a preacher?

Same questions as anywhere else, just a little less direct. 

EmployeescreenIQ provides background checks to employers globally.

Clarifying The Carnival Of The Recruiters

I mentioned the carnival of the recruiters earlier last week, and wanted to clear up some misconceptions about what I'm looking for.

The Carnival is not a guest post.  It's a collection of links for your best post of the week.  You take a post you already published, and if you would like to see it get more attention, you forward it to that week's carnival host.

We link your post, with a clever hook, and put it in with the "Best of" posts from other bloggers.

If you are a host, you collect the posts and create  big link post.

Hopes that clears things up.  So send me your links for Friday's Carnival, and if you want to host next week's, leave a comment and your website.

Comsys St Louis Sponsors

Comsys is one of the largest staffing firms in the country.  Their St Louis office, located in Chesterfield, has agreed to become the sponsor for StlRecruiting for the next three months.

What this means is they'll be headlining the advertising there to the left, and they'll have a landing page at, and you'll see some of their jobs posted as in-text ads over the course of their sponsorship.

The objectivity of StlRecruiting will of course remain the same, namely my thoughts and opinions - but if you like the site, and you're looking for an IT position as a contractor or a permanent employee, you should consider clicking on the logo to the left and giving them a call.  They're smart enough to read and advertise on blogs - certainly that shows a better understanding of your world then the recruiter living off the internet job boards.

We'll do some posts, interview of the Comsys recruiters, and on their landing page, they'll post technical expertise from their contractors.  It's a brave new world.    

Telecommuting When Highway 40 Is Closed

SSE is sponsoring a seminar for small business on the challenges and logistics of telecommuting next Thursday, September 23.

Small Business Briefing: Telecommuting 101
Join us next Thursday and in 45 minutes you will learn what every small business owner needs to know to make informed decisions about telecommuting.
Hear first hand from St. Louis’ local computer and networking services expert, Vince Sechrest of SSE.  Sechrest was recently featured in the July 20 St. Louis Post-Dispatch article “Companies turn to telecommuting for Highway 40 blues.”
 Walk away with hands-on information to:
 · Determine if telecommuting is right for your organization
 · Assess the technical options available
 · Understand the security risks and how to protect your data
 · Create a plan of action
Date: August 23, 2007
Time: 8:30 – 9:30 AM
Location: Microsoft, 3 City Place, Ste 1100, St. Louis, MO  63141
We look forward to you joining us at this briefing.  Every participant will be provided a step by step planning document, worksheets to help determine what kind of access to provide to whom in your organization, and an I-64 Employers Information Kit developed by the Regional Business Council. 
Please RSVP by August 22 to Rick Demko via email, or phone (314)439-4725.

For the complete Post-Dispatch article click here:

And to learn more about the upcoming Highway 40 lane closures visit

Announcing Carnival Of The Recruiters!

We've tried just about everything else in the recruiting community, but one thing I don't remember us sampling is the phenomenon known as the carnival.

A carnival, in blog terms, is a traveling weekly column, where bloggers send in their best story of the week,to be coalesced into a single steaming pile of, uh, goodness.  The idea originally came from Siflay Hraka, and was used to great effect in the early days of blogdom.

The premise is simple.  We write - a lot.  And with so much information free flowing around the net, sometimes are best work gets lost as it scrolls down the page.

The rules are simple.  The homepage for the Carnival is here.  I'll also be creating a Page here at StlRecruiting that lists the people who are hosts, and the available dates.  I have several of you in mind, but after about the first month, I'll open it up to anyone.  At that point, we'll have a sign-up sheet page where anyone who wants to host the carnival picks their week. The first week will be here at

So how do you run a carnival?
Step 1:  submissions are due by Friday at 5 p.m. for the week following.  Carnivals are posted on Tuesday, either as a large compilation of every post, or as a Best of Submissions, in which case the host picks the best posts and links those.

Each carnival has a theme, chosen by the author, and the author groups submissions in that theme.

Since we're starting this late - all of the posts you submit will have until Friday, August 24th at 5.p.m. PST.  The first posting will be August 28th, early Tuesday morning.

So if you want to be a part - forward me your best posts to with the subject, Blog Carnival, or submit them through the Blog Carnival, or send them by carrier pigeon.  And leave a comment if you want to be a host.

Let the Games Begin!