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Websites I Write Besides This One

Curious About Missouri Politics?  I write a center of the road political blog for the state of Missouri, and have been generating decent traffic to it.  Check out www.24thState for information on MO politics.

Pregnant or know someone who is?  Franki and I write for Storkcalling, a phone birth announcement service that allows new parents to record a greeting and broadcast it to up to 50 friends and family.

Franki is working on the site redesign, and until then, I'm writing on the blog, connecting with mom blogs and talking about our decision to start a family as well.  To tell a friend or suggest a baby shower gift, go here, or if you are interested in purchasing a package, just go to the main site a Storkcalling.com

And if anyone is interested, I have BlogCaseStudies.com, and am contemplating selling it.  Make me an offer after you check the Page Rank.

And don't forget Brandstorming and LifeInAVentiCup, our Durbin Media blog and Franki's style blog.