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I Heard It On Tech Dirt, It Must Be True

Monster isn't the Monster we thought they were.

The flood of useless resumes that companies receive often means that posting a job to a major site is more trouble than it's worth. The industry is now starting to iron out its kinks, but in a way that's not to the benefit of the major sites, like Careerbuilder and While their traffic sags, business is booming at niche sites (via alarm:clock), like, which only lists public sector jobs.

The comments are instructive, but nothing new to recruiters.  I actually spoke to a Monster rep when I was at ERExpo.  Eric Winegardner, I think?  He told me that Monster had been into Web 2.0 for 5 years.  I let that sit for a moment, and then asked him to clarify.

What he meant was that Monster had some kind of user-generated content at sites like and some other niche sites.

It had been my hope to give him a chance to flesh that out - anyone saying they had been involved in Web 2.0 for five years is a bit like saying they've been involved in .Net development for 10 years.

Eric, if you happen to read this - that interview slot is still open.  I would love to hear the reply from Monster, and some further elaboration on what exactly Web 2.0 means to Monster.