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How To Get Comments on Blog Posts

I've got some longevity to this blogging fad, going on my sixth year now, and my comments have usually been pretty good.  I have about half as many comments as posts on this blog, but this isn't really a commenting blog, so I'm actually pleasantly surprised.

But if you're looking for advice on how to get lots of comments to your blog, I know who you should ask.

Jason Alba of Jibber Jobber must be some kind of comment king.  While the rest of us are dreaming up compex ways to write compelling content, he writes a short post, puts a couple of ducks on it, and voila!  Comment Heaven.

Jason gets 24 comments for a post that asks about Networking.  I couldn't get 24 comments if I offered 10 bucks for each of you who left a single letter (and I'm not).

How does he do it?  No surprise - he does it by giving more than he gets - networking with his community of job-seekers and readers, and creating a healthy ecosystem of people interested in working together to secure employment.

Good job, Jason. And remember - it's networking, good advice and pictures of ducks.  Not necessarily in that order.