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Instapundit links the story of Just Another Pretty Farce, a Tennessee Blogger whose husband went to see an "executive recruitment" firm with a drawn out sales process that required the candidate to pay the fee.

Let me stop right here.  Candidates.  Never, ever waste time with a company that requires you to pay the placement fee.  Never give money of any kind to a recruiter.  Career counselors?  Resume Writers?  Online Software from trusted Sources?  Sure.  But never, ever give money to a recruiter.

On with the story. J.L.Kirk Associates, the firm in the story, ran them through a sales process where they discuss the difficulty of finding work on our own and then schedule a "second" interview where you are required to bring your Spouse/Significant Other along for the sales pitch.  And it is a sales pitch.

Are you ready for the kicker?  The company asked for $4,420 on a credit card to "place" the candidate.

We were told that Headhunters and Employment Agencies took fees only when a job had been secured for the job seeker, and they took their fees (generally 30-40%) from the hiring firm. But that means the job seeker gets a lower starting salary because all of their good money is going to the headhunter/employment agency. Thankfully, though, JL Kirk & Associates will be able to get my husband a job making a far larger starting salary

Hogwash!  This company, J.L. Kirk & Associates, is one of those companies we are always warning you about in the recruiting blogs.  You are at your most vulnerable when you are looking for work, and you should not be forced to pay a company to recruit for you. 

Katherine agreed, and posted the story on her blog.  The company is now threatening to sue her is she doesn't take the post down.  Instapundit has the story.  Needless to say, the  blog community is up in arms.  The company is trying to strong arm a candidate who described their personal experiences, and that just doesn't fly anymore.

If you feel strongly, post away on your own sites.  Be truthful - don't say anything libelous, but give your opinion of recruiters that charge fees to candidates.

Update:  The Law Firm who sent the demand letter is King & Ballow, a Nashville law firm.  If you are concerned about being sued yourself, you shouldn't be.  We are reporting on a news story, and as long as you don't write something that defames them, you're good.  Stick to reporting what you read, and asking questions, and you'll be fine.

Example:  What was the law firm of King & Ballow thinking sending a demand letter to a blogger?  If they are reading this and would like some expert assistance, my services can be purchased for $4,420.  Bill Hobbs has more.  And Ask The Headhunter covered Bernard Haldane Associates, a company that used to charge candidates feesMike Tiffany links my story and agrees - no fees for candidates