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If you're reading this page for the recruiting advice, you should skip this next part, as I shamelessly pimp out blogs Franki and I are working for on DurbinMedia.  This happens occasionally, but these are mostly St Louis based business blogs we favor.

Clients (not all of them)
The WinningPitch Blog - the Winning Pitch blog.
The WinningPitch - PR firm of our friend Sue Wetzel.  Beautiful site designed by Franki
Cogno Blog - Educational Science games and books from the award winning Cogno.

Our sites:
LifeInAVentiCup - Franki's fun blog - when she writes on it, it's awesome.  More on fashion, culture, style, and whatever she finds cool.
Brandstorming - the marketing blog for durbinmedia - we're switching it over to brandstorming.com soon.
DurbinMedia Group - This is the actual current site of our marketing blog
Durbin Media - our company website for interactive marketing

Other Recruiting Sites
CharlotteRecruiting - Charlotte, NC is a banking hub and a nice place to live.
KCRecruiting - Kansas City jobs and employment.  That's both Missouri and Kansas.
SeattleRecruiting - staffing and HR for Seattle, WA.
StlRecruiting - the site you're on - the first local recruiting blog

St Louis Recruiters
Mike Tiffany - writes a best practices staffing blog
EliteItServices - A Staffing blog written by Sandy and Rob Hubert

BlogCaseStudies - This site is supposed to chronicle Blog consulting successes. It is open for any blog consultants to use for their own purposes.

Free Job Postings: The St Louis Free Jobs postings landing page
Buy Ad Space at StlRecruiting:  the Ad Space Landing page
Java Jobs - free job postings for java programmers and developers in St Louis
ASP and .net Jobs - Free ASP.net, VB, and .Net job postings in St Louis
Business Analyst Jobs - Free Business Analyst job postings in St Louis
Recruiter Jobs - free recruiter and HR job postings in St Louis
Sales Jobs - Free Sales job postings in St Louis