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Small Business Review on Thlogs

Durbin Media gets a nice little plug from the Small Business Review in an article on thought leadership blogging.

I was contacted by Gary Stern, on a tip from a Chicago reader, and we had the chance to talk a little about why businesses should be blogging and how it made a difference in my career.

CM Russell is also quoted, and does a fine job, but then he always does a fine job.

Thank you to that unidentified Chicago reader.

Performancing Is Now Out

A Tech Crunch Story has is that (they get no link) has purchased Performancing Partners.

I was dabbling with the Performancing service, but any association with PayPerPost in my mind is not worth the hassle.

They have been dumped from my list and off the blog.  It's no big loss for them, as I just recently signed up and haven't made an effort to utilize them, but  I wonder how many people discount a blog or blogger based on their advertising choices?

Making money off a blog is fine - but far too many bloggers sell themselves out cheaply and with a negative result.

Working from Home: Friend or Foe?

The following is a Blogswap article from Alexandra Levit.

Two and a half days a week, I work from home.  I‚ve had the opportunity to do this full time, but I haven't.  This baffles some people to no end.  Wait, they say.  You are actually choosing to dress up and go to an office instead of sitting in front of your computer in your PJs? Why on earth would you do that?

People who have typical 9-5 jobs tend to think of telecommuting as the holy grail of work situations, but the truth is, until you‚ve tried it, you have no idea whether you would actually like it or not.  You also don‚t know if it would even be productive.  See, it takes a particular sort of person to be effective working from home.  Because no one will be looking over your shoulder to ensure that your tasks get done, you have to be able to set your own deadlines and be disciplined about adhering to them.  You have to be willing and able to focus, ignoring potential distractions like the TV or the Xbox.  And you have to be okay spending lots and lots of time alone.

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Local Recruiting Blogs

If you are in the cities of Seattle, Kansas City, or Charlotte, be sure to check out the other local recruiting blogs I have started.

It's all about finding Kansas City Recruiters, Seattle Employers, and Charlotte Jobseekers (mix and match those terms if you will) and providing them a place to broadcast information about online employment.

Kansas City, MO and Kansas City, KS
Seattle, WA
Charlotte, NC

The blog posts are all original - this is not duplicated or syndicated content, but it is more targeted at the nuts and bolts of recruiting and local talent. Be sure to contact me if you live in one of these cities and have a blog.


Mistakes Recruiters Make In Social Media

This is an excerpt from a speech I gave at the AACE Fall Conference.

There are a series of five mistakes we as recruiters make when we first try to tap into online communities. We'll cover those mistakes and then turn to best practices.

The Top Five Mistakes:

  1. The Impersonal Connection
  2. Not Knowing the Lingo
  3. Trying to Be Hip
  4. The Disconnect
  5. The OverReaction

Mistake #3 Trying To Be Hip

Using the word hip probably wasn’t the right word for today’s college graduate, but it does illustrate something.  I’m not a college graduate, and if I walked around telling everyone the conference was “church,” it wouldn’t go over too well.  Church is supposed to mean good, excellent, as in, you’re preaching to the choir.

I don’t want to call out any companies, but there are plenty of examples where executives try to rap, or dress in street clothes, or come up with crazy characters that are really supposed to connect with a younger audience.  I recommend against it.  The truth is you don’t have to be hip to get your message across, and the chances of being seen as cool are far less than being mocked.  Try to build brands and ideas that would work for any generation, and you’re in good territory.

You can use the new multimedia to connect to your audience.  In this case, the medium is the message.  Using video, or blogs, or MySpace is connecting with them – there is no need to go overboard and risk an embarrassing mistake.

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