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The Why of Local Recruiting

The goal of my local recruiting initiatives is to help build strong communities of local recruiters who understand the online world and use it for their own profit.

That's right, I said profit.  For me, recruiters should only blog if it will bring them more money than getting on the phone and calling prospects.  I believe this is the case, and I also think a strong online community helps recruiters connect with like-minded people.

Many people in our industry are only in it for themselves, and they burrow down into little holes, hiding information from each other in the hopes of gaining advantage.  Over time, I think that leads to a decay of both the mind and the soul, and I'd like to prove that keeping your head up and helping others is the best way to improve your company and your pocketbook.  Think about joining us, will you?

We'll be Back November 1st.

ERE Media Report: Recruitment Process Outsourcing

I had the pleasure of having lunch with David Manaster of ERE a few weeks ago, and from that, he had Scott Baxt of ERE contacted me and sent me their report on:

Recruitment Process Outsourcing;  An Assessment of Outsourcing Prevalence and Effectiveness: September 2006.

I've had a chance to review the document, but need to set up the story before I can give it an honest take.

RPO, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, is an umbrella name for a lot of human resource functions.  In addition to third party firm contingent recruiting (which some people consider outsourcing and some do not), the term describes sourcing, background checks, Applicant Tracking Systems, reference checks, credit checks, vendor management systems and on-site contract recruiters.

Where I came from (Staffing Firm), RPO was a code word for either a VMS or a Managed Vendor system.  The report set me straight on the term, which should be helpful to staffing executives fearful of losing part of the contingent pie.

The report is the compilation of the research efforts of Elizabeth Saperstein, the Research Director of ERE media and her team of experts, including several folks at the Newman Group.  Using a survey based on ERE subscribers, the results and recommendations of the report lays out a snapshot of the ERE subscriber base and their approach to RPO.  The method seems mosty sound, in that only half of the 334 responses were deemed valid, and while selection bias plays a dual role (voluntary submission of results and the subscriber base itself), the report serves an educational role rather than a stastical one, and ERE does an excellent job not overreaching conclusions or trying to sell a service in place of the report's results (Research Methodology and Scope are layed out in the beginning).

That said, let's get to the meat. 

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Sandra Hubert quoted in Forbes

Sandra Hubert, the president of Elite IT Services here in St Louis, is quoted in Forbes magazine on the importance of business attire during interviews.

But that's not what  Sandy Hubert, president of  Elite IT Services in St. Louis, says. "It is essential for job candidates to wear a business suit here," she says. "First impressions are everything."

That was generally my experience, too.  Even when companies adopted a business casual dress, prospective employees were expected to dress in an suit for the interview.

Personally, I believe it's the shoes that make the difference.  There's just something about hard soled, shiny dress shoes that bring out the best in my business presentations.  Maybe that's just me, but wheneverI have something important to do - I make sure I have the proper footwear.

And  felt that way before I married this woman

St Louis Recruiting Blogs

They're coming and they're fantastic.

I don't want to jump the gun here, but we're going to start seeing St Louis recruiters using blogs in ways that will help them hire candidates - something I've been pushing for some time.  But recruiters are only part of the story.  A vibrant community takes all types - and in this case, I'll be contacting and looking to promote candidate bloggers also.

If you are a St Louis area blogger, and you blog about technical issues, please contact me at  For an example of how candidates use blogs to promote their careers, check out this blog case study on Chris Hammond, a DotNetNuke expert.

The more of us there are, the louder our voice.

St Louis Business Blogs Link Love:

We had a very successful blog business meeting this morning, as potential St Louis Business Bloggers showed up at Kaldi's to talk about strategies to help their business make more money.

12 people showed, and a half dozen others wrote in to say they would make the next one.

I'm all about local links, so I thought I would drop some for people I know (and add some DurbinMedia clients in there).

St Louis:
MyDepressionSpace, Charles Donovan (in progress)
Subsurface Constructors (in progress)
Several companies that aren't too keen on having other people promote their brands (they don't get a link)

Durbin Media Blog Clients:
Minnesota Headhunter, Paul DeBettignies
Wetjello blog, Pete Altieri, Online Video Employment Chicago, IL
The Winning Pitch, Sue Wetzel, PR Firm, San Jose, CA, Harry Joiner, Atlanta, GA, Harry Joiner, Atlanta, GA, blogger case studies, Kansas City recruiting blog, Seattle recruiting blog
Charlotte, Charlotte recruiting blog
Life in a Venti Cup - Franki's personal blog

The response from the newspaper article has been excellent, and we have another dozen people signed up for projects of differing sizes, including recruiting companies - so yes, you do get links in addition to beautifully designed sites.

As the business blog network grows, we'll be adding names to the link list, so if you show up the first Friday of any month at the Kaldi's in Chesterfield Valley, you get a free link.  How's that for a carrot?

USC Goes with MessageBuzz for Text Messaging: College Texting

Normally, I don't like to post press releases in full, but this is a pretty cool one. Steven Kelly, who I've interviewed, just announced a contract with USC to use the MessageBuzz text messaging platform.


Text Messaging Platform Is Effective & User Friendly for Students & University

St. Louis, MO (October 4, 2006) – Nine out of 10 U.S. college students are cell phone users so it is no surprise that one of the nation’s leading universities is using the technology to communicate with students.  The Information Technology Program at the University of Southern California is interacting with students through text messaging; allowing them to learn more about the program and learn about events that will enrich their campus experience.

Congratulations, Steven.  More beneath the fold.

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LinkedIn Story

Interesting side note on LinkedIn.  I was connected to a Chicago area recruiter through LinkedIn. He was an executive recruiter, and we talked on the phone a little bit about the brave new world of online employment.

Yesterday, a recruiting manager called me to ask if I knew anyone that could perform a high-level search for a job in another city.  I gave him two names - one of a recruiter I know in the target city, and the other the LinkedIn recruiter I had the phone conversation with.

This is a six-figure plus position with a good fee.  We'll call it $30,000 without the specifics.

The question is how to judge the ROI of blogs and LinkedIn for the Chicago recruiter.  My blog led me to a networker who connected me to the Recruiter through LinkedIn.  My blog reminded the manager that I had recruiter connections outside of St Louis.  Due to a mixture of the blog and LinkedIn and a phone call, this recruiter stands to get an exclusive position worth $30,000.

And he didn't even have to go out and prospect for it.

Just a thought...

  How exactly would you track that in terms of blogging ROI?  My blogging ledt

Independent Recruiter: Ken Jenkins

Ken Jenkins is an headhunter's headhunter based in St Louis, MO.  His job is to find local recruiters and place them at his clients, in the same manner that we usually find candidates for our clients.

I asked Ken to write a little about his experiences and what he looks for in recruiter candidates, and here is what he put down.

On Ken's experience: 

I have been in the recruiting business since 1989, and specialize in the staffing industry. Recruiting recruiters and account managers comes naturally because I understand what it takes to be successful in the business. I enjoy being a conduit of information for other people in the industry and pride myself on being abreast of industry trends and local corporate movement. I constantly recruit for passive and active candidates because opportunities become available daily. Most of the top positions are passive openings that are never advertised or promoted. I am particulary adept at finding those passive openings that most would never hear about. I spend my day having business conversations via email or phone, identifying industry movement.

On Current Openings for Recruiting Management:

I would love to connect with staffing experts who are looking to get to the Director level. I need someone who has been very successful in the industry, but hasn't had the opportunity to move up to the executive level positions. You know you have the skill set, but you need the opportunity. You have performed at a level consistently above quota. You have earned six figures plus with the majority being commission. Now you are ready for the six figure base salary plus incentive package.

On Current Junior Positions:

I am currently looking to identify a couple of Jr. recruiters who want to be compensated like a Sr. Most companies penalize recruiters for lack of experience. I am looking for the talented recruiter without the experience who believes they should be compensated more. Why should you be penalized for experience when you are a better recruiter that some of your more experienced counterparts? If you feel this way and are sure of your abilities, contact me. We need to have a conversation. The target earnings is in the 75k plus range with a base salary in the middle 40's.

Ken is well known around St Louis, and can provide excellent references.  He's also a confidential search.  To contact him, call him at 314-831-2258, or e-mail him at

Google Validation

Sometime in the future a study will be done by some government agency on the effects of Google validation in shaping self-esteem.

My best guess it the study will cost about $12 million, but that's probably accounting for inflation.

Why do I bring it up?  Why because I self-googled and felt validated. 

A Google Search for Local Recruiting Blogs.  Yep, that's me in all but two places. 

Now for those keeping score at him, domination on a phrase indicates one of two things.  You either created the phrase and talk about it often (making you a bit of a prophet), or you obsessed with a trend that no one else found relevant.  I'm hoping it's that first thing. 

Also, I'm very busy today with Durbin Media Group, and won't be doing much blogging, so this is a filler post.  In case you couldn't tell.  That's right - this is the blather that many people complain blogs always focus on - the unimportant thoughts of just some guy.  Go get some work done today.  Come read tomorrow.