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Durbin Media is in the Post-Dispatch

It's always nice to get a little media coverage and today's Post-Dispatch has a feature of Durbin Media (using the name) in the Business Section.

The article title is The Blog Lady, and it's a very good description of what our company does.  We use blogs to build brands.

Check out this bit:

"Companies can use blogs to learn what customers want from their products, to get feedback on potential new products or to build awareness of their products among potential customers."

That's the purpose of the local recruiting blogs, too.  Tailoring a message to a core group of passive job-seekers is the best way to use a blog to hire people.  We've got some promising news for companies interested in that use of blogging, and expect to start rolling out results-oriented blogs next year.

Just remember one thing.  If your blog doesn't have a business purpose, it's not a business blog.

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