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Managers as Job-seekers

So you're a hiring manager looking to improve your lot in life, and you're not sure how to go about it.
A recruiter calls asking for business, and you want to know how to approach them about finding you that perfect position at a 25% pay increase.

How to do it? 

This will be a series of posts.  the first one will be focused on who to contact to start your job search  I have calls to make this morning at 7:30, so you'll have to keep reading to get the rest.

Rule Number 1:  There are many kinds of recruiters.  Chances are the recruiters you work with are not the ones that are placing you.

Recruiters subscribe to a hierarchy.  There are three divisions of recruiters, and there are several categories in those divisions that you need to know.

The three categories are:

Temporary Office Staffing (temps, admins, receptionists)
Speciality Staffing (Technology, F and A, ScientifiC, Healthcare, Sales)
Executive Staffing (Headhunters)

We could argue all day about whether recruiters feel they fit into these divisions.  Suffice it to say that anyone in staffing will recognize these divisions as valid.  There is crossover, but for the most part, managers are looking for executive headhunters to place them.  The problem is headhunters like to call you - calling them won't get you far unless they happen to be looking for your skill set that day.  So how do you utilize your contacts to push your job search forward?

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Advice on Blogging Platforms

Everyone is doing it.  Blogging that is.  You want to start, but other than the article in Newsweek and under the covers at night reading tech magazines, you don't know much about it.

I guess it's better that you learn it from me than on the street somewhere.

Tip, tricks and hints on how to start can be found

Read them all.  Stop right there, and click on the links.  I don't care if you're a CEO or a 13 year old.  You have no business blogging if you're not going to stop and read.

Now that you've read the three links, you need to decide what service you want.  This is where the post title comes in.

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More 50 and Fired

More on the topic of 50 and Fired.    Some new stuff at

And a new aricle, written by Lance Schneider.

I'm sure you have already given some thought to the size and scope of the Baby Boomer generation, but have you really put yourself in their shoes?  What if you have worked in a job that was basically unfulfilling for the last 20 years; or what if you were coerced into retirement earlier than you expected; or worse yet, what if you failed to adequately save for your retirement and still needed to work for several more years?  It could be pretty scary moving into the next phase of your career or 'post retirement career".  But you still had a lot to offer.  You still host a breadth of information in that gray noggin of yours.  How would you want to be treated by a recruiter or a potential employer? 

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Essbase success. Help me write this site

For those of you I know that I have offered space on this blog - something to notice. 

Todd Binenstock is an Essbase consultant.  He took the time to write information about his specialty, and I posted it on my site for the world to see.

If you go to MSN and type in the search word, "Essbase,"  his Essbase post is the seventh result.

If you are an enterprising reporter, recruiter, hiring manager, or someone looking to learn more, Todd's Hyperion experience is something you will want to tap.  You now know who he is through the search engine.

He has raised his profile and branded his name.  Who's next?

My Kind of Town

Getting out of town for a couple of days really gives you some good perspective and some time to think.

A short, 24 hour trip to Chicago yielded me about twenty new ideas for posts, and two for adding value to the blogging community. 

The sum of the trip?  A new tire, a wedding dress for the fiancee,   A Chipotle Burrito and the Premium Outlets in Aurora. 

But I'm glad to be home.    

Graybar Job Posting for a Blogger!

Is it True?  Does Graybar Electric have blogs?

This position certainly seem to suggest so.

Graybar Electric, St Louis MO

Internet Marketing Manager opportunity with a Fortune 500 Company. Experience utilizing Internet Marketing to successfully grow awareness, generate leads and positively impact customer acquisition and retention.

Part of the description reads:  Manage Graybar‚Äôs use of blogs or other Internet based communication channels for marketing purposes...Proven ability to integrate new Internet marketing tools such as blogs into existing Internet marketing initiatives.

Graybar - welcome to the cutting edge in St Louis!  Where are the rest of you?

Shakespeare Recruiter

In the mail:  Jim Stroud's Digability - The Art of Shakespeare Recruiting.  I'm looking forward to reviewing this thoughts on competitive advantage for recruiters, and his background in sourcing, internet search, and recruiting is excellent.

While we wait for his second series to arrive, allow me to entertain you with poetry.

In truth, our monies are entwined,

Your presence on the web shows proof

To search the internet gold mine.

in efforts to secure a roof

A resume in pixel form

for job descriptions locked in rust

to click submit is now the norm

just piles of paper locked in dust

The long tail search is not yet known

tis wrapped in google mystery

with few there are who seek renown

to make recruiting history

As job boards fall into decay

We live to search another day.

Bet you didn't think I had it in me.  We are finish-ed.   

Post on Pay Rate Maturity

Be sure to check out this post on pay rate maturity over at

It's part of something I'm working on in defining the growth potential of and the HR/Employment Blogosphere in general. There are some inconsistencies in the theory, but I think they have more to do with lack of graphs I posted (I'm on the Mac, and can't get good pictures in - not a Macintosh guru).

The funny thing is a power law is supposed to describe a system in flux, when in my example, the bell curve describes the system in flux (IT salaries). This science of networks goes a long way to explaining the why of how human beings interact. Or at least it makes it easy to graph. Cold comfort for someone waiting four years for a raise - but if we remove the "The corporation is evil" mentality and replace it with "The corporation is what it naturally is," we'll all be better off.

You know the really interesting about compensation and happiness? We are only happy with compensation when we have someone to compare it to. In a flat environment with little chance of promotion, the majority of employees are happy with how much they make. In an environment where pay raises and compensation vary greatly, employees are only happy when they make 20% more than their peers.

Don't let that one get out. Management may decide to pay everyone the same. Just to keep us happy.

Typepad Woes

I'm a regular loser - of typepad posts. Of course when I was on Blogger and the earlier versions of Movable Type, I had the same problem.

Yesterday my fiancee called me on the way home from the gym. I picked up the phone, trying to avoid cursing as I told her hello. I had just lost another post!

Being human, I quickly blamed typepad. It was clear their interface was the problem.

Franki quickly disabused me of that notion.

See, I suffer from a syndrome called, Alt-Left Arrow Incidental contact. It's a terrible thing, where I tend to press some kind of combination of buttons that forces my browser to go BACK, losing all of the data I just wrote.

Sigh. I actually don't think I'm pressing alt-left arrow. There is some combination that functions with the backspace button to destroy my writing. I do have to admit that is has nothing to do with Typepad, and everything to do with my browser.

It's my number one request for the future of the web. Sure would save me a lot of time to fix it.
It does have one benefit.

If there is ever a post you don't like or that seems incomplete, I have a ready made excuse.
"Yeah, my browser ate the original post, and I had to rush something out and still get to work. Sorry about that."